Autoflower or photoperiod?

I got some free seeds with an order. GLT-FP4
Gelato. Are these autoflowers or photoperiod ?

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@Victor Hey! Those are Gelato Feminized Photoperiod :grin:

Thanks for the response, I hadn’t realized that and I’ve already germinated them along with my autoflowers.

I’m in a climate that I can grow them outdoors, I think the timing is ok, I won’t get a frost until November earliest.

I was wondering the same thing. I received a pack of Gorilla Glue that was supposed to be auto but is labeled GOG-FP3 whereas my White Widow auto is labeled WHW-FAP3.

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Any free packs of Gelato are their feminized photoperiod - if you received incorrect seeds that weren’t what you ordered, just email them your order number and a picture of what you got. Chances are they’ll send you the right ones :slight_smile:

They delivered what they promised, I just assumed they would send autoflowers with an order of autoflowers, I should have paid more attention.
I’m going to grow them anyway, where I’m at i think I can grow them outdoors.
Thanks for the response.


@Victor no problem! I’m excited to see what you grow, feel free to share your plants with us :grin:

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