Auto mix pack , Auto Og Kush Very Slow

Hello everyone,
I was surprised with the slow photosynthesis of the Auto OG Kush compare to the Auto Jack Herer which is doing healthy and strong. Not sure if the auto og kush seeds were just unhealthy seeds or stunted during the germination/ seedling stage. The Jack herer is now 4 weeks old since i planted the sprouted seed to the soil and the 2 OG kush is 3 weeks, one of them rebounded this week and but not the other one.
Here is a pic of the weird looking seedling :grin:

shes almost 4 weeks old

Definitely something going on there. Welcome to the forum @ManilasFinest72. Keep us updated on her, she may pull through yet.

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Thank Rye, I’m not totally satisfied with the Auto OG Kush from the Auto Mix Pack. The Auto Jack is very healthy and near flowering stage. I already sent a message to the customer support and they don’t even bother to replace the weak seeds. Once it is germinated it’s not their concern anymore. Big disappointment. Here is the pic of the other Auto Og Kush that just bounced back this week and it is small and slow, 4 1/2 inches tall , almost 4 weeks old. Are they dwarf version ? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

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Here is a pic of the healthy Auto Jack Herer . All from their Automagic mix pack


The Jack’s definitely not a small plant, @Kronic has a good journal on them under the HGCC strains category. I had a lemon haze auto that was stunted, she ran 2 weeks longer than the rest, still got well over 80grams off her dried. So it wont be a loss, but it may be a struggle.


@ManilasFinest72 what light are you using for your girls? My Jack Herer was double that size, granted it was a photo but my autos definitely bulked up way more. Plus they use the Jack Herer lineage from their photo to make their auto so I’m not sure why it’s so small. Light output can make a difference.


Hello Derek,
I am using Viparspectra P100 and P1500 and just pump my lights few days ago to 35k Lux . 22 inches from the canopy. No problem with the JH and yet a little improvement with the other OGK.

Here are some pic of the slow growing auto ogk

Same problem with my OG from my mix pack but I can’t even get mine to germ like everything else has so easily, so you’re doing better then me :sweat_smile:

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