Auto flowering seems a wee bit early to me

Hi,my babies are on 5-6 weeks in soil,18 hours of light a day except for one 24hr period a week ago…now they are starting to flower….is this too early? Thank you.💁


Not uncommon for autos to flower after the 30 day mark, they like to do whatever they want :expressionless: :rofl: but doesn’t mean it won’t turn out beautifully. Keep us updated


Normal for autoflower…actually, they can start around 3 to 4th week…


Thank you much.Will do.

I appreciate the in fo,Homegrown seeds are the best I have tried.

I just went through something similar myself. Feminized autoflower seeds from a well known commercial seed-bank, a few seeds from a good friend, grew them all in a 3 x3 x 6 tent and within 5 weeks my males (which I was breeding purposely, inside for genetic purposes) bloomed and sprouted and the females were already whiskered and poof-balled. (Is that a technical word? I guess not, but you all know what the “Poof-balled” stage is…Preteen? LOL).
Anyway, yes, now a days even the autoflower and “fast flower” genetics have swept through things and often I have found funky and unusual or neat phenotypes (fun, unusual cannabis plants). If I was even 1/8th of a the breeder like MDBuds, Kronic, KMac, MrB and or a few others, well… I’d be the Queen of Kush. Peace to all!
Kanashii :sunny:


Thank you, I am very illiterate when comes to growing your own so much appreciated!