Auto critical purple help/advice

Hey folks! Im new here to the forum and am looking for any info that may help me in treating my two girls right from the jump! This is my first time trying anything from HGC and I can’t seem to find anyone that’s grown this little lady! So if you have any input it is greatly appreciated!!! :blush:

Here’s what I’ve got cooking….
2- critical purple at just a week old
3x3x6 tent
Have 2- viparspectra p1500’s (only using one right now at around 60%)
Pro mix soil
4 gallon pots

Nutrients that will be used are as followed…
All element nutrients brand
Complete crop
Flower fuel

These nutes are also new to me so if you’ve used/are using them I’ll take any advice there as well haha

If this is in the wrong category I do apologize in advance!! I’d like to turn this into a start to end journey with you guys if there’s enough interest :sunglasses:


Welcome and no worries the folks o. Here are VERY knowledgeable.

Happy growing

I’m actually growing a critical purple auto as well… almost done maybe 2 weeks left. What info are you looking for?

Hey brother thanks for the reply!

Basically I’m just looking to get all the info I can to maximize my end result…
Is she a heavy or light feeder, does well with lst or even topping? I’d love to see some pics of yours for sure as well! :sunglasses:

@Autotrepreneur she doesn’t really like topping and she handles basic lst such as clocking or tying down side branches before flower. She doesn’t like being bent over at all.

She’s a medium eater in late veg and early mid flower. She likes a bit more phosphorus and calmag than other autos. She’s also likes the pH a bit more on the acidic side. It helps her purple up real nice and it increases her falvenoid and terpene profile. I’d keep her right around 6-6.2 pH. I used molasses feedings to keep pH in range and as a flower booster and she got nice and chunky for me. Super frosty and purple. Very prominent citrus and woody scent with undertones of earthiness and rose petals.

She can be blasted with light during flower so don’t be shy. She also responds well to uvb and cold shocking for color.

Her stems and stalk can get purple too so pay more attention to the leaves for signs of magnesium or phosphorus issues.

That’s about all I got. If you have any specific questions feel free to ask. Happy growing man. :call_me_hand::metal::v:

I appreciate that info brother!!! I’ll be sure to keep that in mind. So far they’re looking good but Ofcourse they’re still young so we shall see in time!
Do you have any pics of yours?

My Critical Purple was some of the best I’ve grown. It’s the kind that coats the palate and sticks around all day. It’s one of my favorites. I went a few extra weeks and it is some Stoney smoke…


Looks like some dank! Thanks for chiming in!
And congrats on the success!


Here’s one of them from my last critical purple auto grow.


Looks amazing! I hope mine turn out atleast half as good as that! Haha

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@Autotrepreneur thanks man. I appreciate it.

Did you grow her outside?

@Autotrepreneur no. That was in a tent in a shed. Grown in a 1 gallon pot with nature’s living soil using a sunraise qb2000 grow light. Got huge for a 1 gallon pot and a 200 watt light.

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Wow! No doubt about that man lol my girls were direct planted in 4 gallon pots so I’m almost a little nervous now :joy: if 1 gallon can accomplish that size I sure hope my 4’s and 300w total between my viparspectras can get results lol

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So I’ve decided to change things up a bit…

Since I’ve no knowledge of element nutrients I’m sending back the myco+ and complete crop.

I’ll be getting neptunes harvest liquids
Tomato & veg
Rose & flowering
Also due to trying to keep the soil healthy I’ll be trying Real growers recharge.

I do believe I’ll keep the element nutrients flower fuel and intend on trying it out a couple times before the flush week on one of the girls to see if it makes any difference.

Figured I’d try to keep things a little more organic in hopes i can keep the nute burn to a minimum. I tend to go a little heavy sometimes :sweat_smile:

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I would say light on the feedings. She did great with lst and I topped her only 1 time and shes doing great. I have about a week and a half left and I’m gonna pull her.


I know it’s been a minute since I’ve posted on this but I’m nearing week 6 (on the 30th) and both girls are showing pistils and stretching pretty well, I swapped the viparspectras for a Mars fce-3000 a few weeks back and they really took off. They’re still very squat but bushy as all heck. So far so good though, could I get some input on how long yalls girls went for? Judging by what I’m seeing right now I’m assuming mine are gonna be a good 12 weeks total but may surprise me in the next few :man_shrugging:t2:

@Autotrepreneur I personally let mine go for about 13/14 weeks. Since I use it for sleep and pain I wanted more amber. If you let then go a week or two longer they bulk up significantly more too. You do lose some thc potency but you gain a lot more couch locking/pain killing effect which is what I personally want from it. Also makes it a bit less cerebral. If you harvest at peak potency you’ll go on a cerebral adventure for a good hour before it mellows out. Lol


MD always coming in clutch lol but thanks for the info! Ive smoked for many years but my tolerance remains light haha I honestly prefer a more energetic high most of the time and evenings I definitely prefer the lock. Maybe I’ll try to split the difference between the two and harvest one sooner and one later? Whatdya think?


@Autotrepreneur there’s no better way to figure out how you personally prefer the strain. That’s exactly what I did to find my preferences.

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