Attempt rescue! Any insight?

Anyone care to inform me whats going on?
Short backstory…had a friend blindly throw seeds ina paper towel and once they realized they didnt have the money or time to buy what they needed they were going to throw them away, i felt bad since they already had their roots growing so i made the decision that everyone would say not to do lol. Ive been buying the main essentials as i go and learn. Its been a last minute project/rescue attempt. They are about 3 weeks old ( first started rooting ). Now about the poor girls. all 4/5 started sprouting their leaves but the next day 3/4 got brown and shriveled:((
#1 has looked the same since, it looks like its trying to bloom new leaves but still doesnt look too happy… #2 she looks the worst, almost dead :(((… #3 looks actually fine and thriving… #4 shes the only one that hasnt bloomed at all and the root looks different compared to the others… #5 brown spot is where the seed stuck onto and not too long ago finally fell off, she started to bloom but was one of the 3 that browned and shriveled up and also looks like its trying yo bloom again.
All girls have been through the same journey. I understand why the 4/5 are looking gloomy bc of all the stress but id also like some insight on how come the middle/#3 is doing well
There was a few days last week where they grew out their previous germination containers and they had to sit in the open, i think the lack of humidity is why the 4/5 struggled but again ALL 5 have been going through this hard journey together so how come the ones looks good

…as a new member i can only post one pic at a time so im only going to post the one that looks the worst

Welcome to the forum on bean growing.
Growing isn’t as easy as it looks and the guys here make it look easy because we have doing it for years.
Well, all you can do is give it 18 hrs of light; don’t over water and temps lower than 90 with lights on. So, if they are autos you can use a 3 gallon bag or pot but if they are photos I’d go with 7 or 5 gallon container and use something like coco loco soil. Looks like they might be root bound in that small pot. I try not to do transplanting of seedlings as they get stressed from it. I put my seedlings with their tap root right in the container I’m going to grow in and that way I don’t have to deal with transplant stress which can slow the growth down. I think that’s what your dealing with. Anytime you transplant don’t let the dirt around the roots get disturbed as it might not recover. When I do transplant I cut the too and bottom off of a plastic soda bottle and then cut it long ways to get a sheet of plastic . I use this to slide down into the dirt, then cup the bottom with your hand to pull it out. Now put it into a hole in your new container, pack dirt around it and slide the plastic sheet out. This way I don’t disturb the root as much. My latest start up of my grow closet took 7 seeds to get two that would grow as some seeds just pop and don’t do anything. That’s the way it grows sometimes.

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What kind of light are you using?
It needs a good light and humidity
If you can get some kind of dome to cover it up
It’ll make a difference

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I recently bought a dome from a “hole in the wall” flower shop. There was a few days my poor girls had to thug their young lives out in the open bc they grew out of their germination containers that came with the peats. Im also using a LUMINAR EVERYDAY 19 Watt, 2 ft. Linkable Two-Light Full Spectrum LED Plant Grow Light - Item 59250