Ask MD Buds (cultivars and terpenes for medicinal use)

This is the very thing my sister was asking me about this morning. I started growing because the cost of marijuana at the dispensary is so high. I started using because of the 24/7 pain of a spinal cord injury. Trying to get off the three pages of meds they sent me home on. I smoke thru a pax and take edibles at night to sleep. My pain is the burning stabbing pins and needles type pain. The spasms are the worst. What type of flower should I be taking? I always wondered… thanks guys♥️

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@Lauraroach a strain with high THC, cbd, caryophyllene, myrcene, and linalool would do the trick. Very narcotic opiate like high that stops tremors and muscle spasms.

Something like the CBD Mango I already mentioned would be great. The Gold Leaf I often speak highly of would also be a great cultivar for neuropathic pain and muscle spasms.

The CBD white widow strains are also promising as well. The auto version seems to be better with muscle spasms.

All of these can be found at


I have found enough cannabinoid/terpene info to keep me busy for quite a while. As I am growing autos what can I do if anything to enhance the terpenes in a strain? Also can you clone autos? I know that to a point clones replecate effects. If I find strains that work for my issues maybe that would be a more inexpensive way to grow. I have seen where some say you can clone autos and some say no


@MoOG best way to enhance terpenes is grow in organic soil, foliar feed with liquid kelp, water with molasses, and supplement grow lighting with uvb indoor.

Outdoor just foliar feed with liquid kelp, water with molasses, and protect from pests as much as possible.

You can clone autos but the thing is they will still flower at the same time as the mother so you will just have tiny plants with maybe one or two buds worth using cloning autos. Best thing would be to breed one with a regular and get some regular seeds so you can make your own auto seeds but that takes 3 to 5 generations to stabilize and a lot of patience.

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Thanks… I will order a couple of those thru homegrown… it’s a relief to know medical marijuana helps. The Doctors just throw opioids at you and that’s the harm. I’m glad someone turned me onto edibles. Better than pain meds and sleeping pills. You have any suggestions on using marijuana to get off pain meds? When I ask the dr about coming off my low dose pain meds he wants me to try methadone but I’m not trading on opioid for another. I’m ready to just get off them all and grow my own medicine.:hugs::hugs::hugs:


@Lauraroach strains high in THC, cbd, caryophyllene, and myrcene will help with that. Caryophyllene helps detox and increases effectiveness of cbd which increases over all feelings of calm and wellness helping to curb withdrawal from opiates and alcohol. Myrcene works with THC to enhance the effects of both and will give you an opiate like high that is sedating that will kill pain and also help curb opiate withdrawal.

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@Lauraroach so the strains I already suggested will help with that.

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How do I acquire regular auto seeds? Or can I use a regular male with an auto female? I am not ready for this yet but I will have to do this eventually. And while I am bothering you should I breed same strains or is it just as simple to cross breed something I am interested in trying? Not talking science here just the growth process. It seems if I have to plan on at least a 5 gen process. I may as well make the most of it. I am already organic soil and molasses. Will start liquid kelp on my newbies as soon as I can locate some and learn tge correct application process.

@MoOG for the purpose of just getting seeds and having smokable bud yeah it is that simple. Just choose two complimentary strains you like with desirable growth for your environment and cross them and see what you get. When you get into breeding certain traits etc it can start getting complicated but for your purposes you would just keep the ones that autoflower and toss the rest. Keep doing that until all your seeds autoflower and you’ll have stable autoflower seeds.

After that you just germinate then sex and toss the males until you need more seeds then you just pollinate again.

Each plant can easily get you hundreds of seeds if pollinated properly.

As for making sure you maintain the medicinal efficacy of your cross without getting into complicated genetics or having lab tests done just make sure the two you choose have similar THC, CBD, and terpenes so there’s less genetic diversity and phenotype variance. This will help ensure that you still meet your medicinal needs and you’ll have a stock of seeds without spending loads of money on labs and testing to “fine tune” your cross.


Ok, here is a short break down of CBD. I’m currently working on the other list with terpenes and cultivars too.


Anxiety: cbd helps treat anxiety by increasing overall feelings of wellness and by treating possible underlying causes such as inflammation, pain, and relieving stress. It has been posited that cbd also increases feelings of wellness and happiness by increasing serotonin production for a sense of calm and well being but this theory is still being studied.

Depression: CBD treats depression by increasing serotonin levels just as posited for anxiety. Studies have found that cbd and the endocannibinoid system interact with dopamine and serotonin receptors in mice and other rodents but human studies are still being performed. It also helps treat depression by treating underlying causes such as pain, inflammation, anxiety, and stress.

Insomnia: CBD can help improve sleep by treating underlying causes such as pain, inflammation, stress, and anxiety.

Pain: CBD helps manage pain by interacting with signaling proteins in the body and by blocking cytokines. The exact routes and pathways vary depending on cause but CBD is effective et relieving most pain caused by inflammation, tension, minor injuries, and auto immune disorders. It is similar to taking extra strength Tylenol or Ibuprofen or other NSAIDs but more effective with less or no side effects.

Cancer: CBD helps fight cancer and the side effects of cancer and cancer treatments. Studies in rodents have shown that CBD can shrink tumors and is a cancer cell antagonist. More studies are needed to prove efficacy in humans, but the current studies are promising verifying and replicating the results of the rodent studies. CBD has been studied more so in the treatment of cancer side effects in humans and has even proven to be effective at treating pain, inflammation, nausea, loss of appetite, and even at preventing vomiting.

THC and terpenes can also enhance these effects depending on concentration in flower, oils, etc…

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Great data…! What CBD seeds / strains are you working with?

@Mrb53004 currently right now CBD Ratio 1:30, Gold Leaf, CBD Mango, CBD Girl Scout Cookies, and I have some CBD Cream and Cheese on the way. Enough to start making some interesting CBD cultivars

Looking into getting a few cbd hemp cultivars too as the seeds are cheaper and breeding them in here and there.

@MDBuds what would you suggest for someone who would be coming off of alchohol…, potentially dealing with withdrawals?:sunglasses:

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@CkNugz strains high in cbd and caryophyllene work well for treating alcoholism. CBD, Caryophyllene, and other cannabinoids and terpenes can protect the brain from damage from withdrawal, prevent the shakes, prevent vomiting, and also detoxify your body and heal your liver and brain.

Depending on level of dependency some THC might be needed to get the “high” of alcohol for psychological reasons and to help ease the stress of other issues caused by alcoholism and dependency. For chronic alcoholics I would suggest strains high in THC, CBD, Caryophyllene, and myrcene that are indica dominant to achieve the depressant effect of alcohol while also increasing dopamine and serotonin levels to get that sense of calm and feeling of reward.

Strains good for that are Super Sour Widow, Gold Leaf, CBD Mango, CBD Girl Scout Cookies, CBD Cream and Cheese, etc…

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@CkNugz low or no thc strains high in CBD I would suggest are Ringo’s Gift, CBD 1-CA Ratio 1:20, and CBD Blueberry.

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@CkNugz cbd strains high in linalool such as granddaddy purple and lavender would be effective as well but to my knowledge there aren’t any currently on the market though I am working on some myself.


@MDBuds I do know of a strain/cultivar that is high in linalool, not 100 on the name yet…, I will find out…:sunglasses:

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@CkNugz sorry man. I meant CBD strains high in linalool. I was replying to @kmac03 on another thread and forgot to edit. I have GDP and Lavender as well as a few other strains high in linalool just none with high cbd.

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I wanna say it’s a 30:1 ratio cbd to thc…:sunglasses:

Show the lavender!!! Please!