Are these ready based on tricones

I would say no. The last three pictures there is still a bit of clear…id want them at least 95% cloudy with a little amber. The first is likely an outer top exposed to more lighting/ wind. without seeing the plant and only the trich closeups, I would say 10-20 days? I would decrease the reds to about 40% and increase the blue/ white to 100% and they should finish off nicely.

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Definitely not not ready give it two weeks bud

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Looking good, I would wait for some ambers to show up on the lower buds. Some strains never go more than a few ambers and the buds start to produce the towers or fingers out of them. Most of your big leaves will be gone and the whole plant looks like buds on a stick. I like to let them go 10 to 12 weeks and start looking for ambers around week 10. Also, look around this forum for the harvest pics people post as there is a lot of info there.
One more important thing to remember is be on the look out for bud rot and mold. Those huge koalas sometimes never see the drying room. I look for Brown or off color buds with the lights off with a flashlight. They show up like a sore thumb in the field of green. So watch your humidity and you should be ok this time of the year. My lights just came on time to go to work. I’m in my second week of flowing and they’re getting too big for the cube as I call it. Stooted , two weeks from harvest ! Great times…

I like to see more cloudy and some Amber but also overall plant look before pulling the trigger depending on plant/strain it could take a couple more weeks or more just keep your eye on her some can seem to change over night… looking good though

Yes… overall plant look. When you grow the same strains do you even scope the trichs? I gotta be honest, i only scope about 1/10 anymore. The reality is and will continue to be….Noobs love to scope trichomes… usually on an outer exposed to environment so they can feel good about chopping early… easily one of the hardest lessons to learn for a noob. Letting the plant mature and a proper dry are rare things in the life of a noob botanist.

Most of your pics appear to be of trichome laiden sugar leaves
Instead concentrate your efforts on the trichomes where pistils are protruding from the calyxes and check mid plant not necessarily the top