Are my girls read for harvest? (Trichome Pics)

Hello guys, it’s my first grow so even with my lupe I can’t really tell If I should harvest or not. My girls are at Day 45 of official flower (so 1st week not included) almost at the end of week 8. Flower time for all 3 strains (Candy Kush, Critical, Royal Runtz) is 7-9 weeks. What do you guys think?

Got alot more pics if you guys want them, but don’t want to fill this post up with 10 pics! Thanks in advance

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Nice pics. They reveal well developed flower that according to the transparent trics says you’ve got a ways to go. I’m guessing you can keep watering and come back with more pics in a week to ten days, or when the trics look white and not clear, and as many as a third of em are amber (likely two weeks more). And I can read em because you did a good job with one pic that clearly shows the little thc sherpas.