Anyone with blue cheese auto experience

Wondering how long yours took to finish I’m 10 weeks in , didn’t get pistols until 22 of dec… still very small popcorn . Curious if they bulk up and finish fast?

Pictures would help if it possible my friend

I’ll try figure that out later . Everytime add pic it tells me it’s to big add to cloud first

Here is picture of what you push to upload pictures

When you get a photo you going to have to make it smaller

According to what kind of phone your useing some people get a app to re-size photos

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Alright :+1: you got it yea you still have awhile they will fatten up

Had 2 get my girl show me how make it smaller . Have another plant almost 3 weeks behind this 1 . Tys I hope they fatten up

@Mrscl if you seen pistols on 22 that’s when flower time starts for example if it says 9 weeks then you would start counting from the 22 when you seen pistols

Yeh 8 weeks would be 16 feb. And second plant should finish 1st week march… want to run snow white next. Never grew autos before. Really surprised they veg between 6 -7 weeks.

I’ve never grown autos before i veg my photos about 2 to 3 months before flipping i do alot of LST tieing limbs down

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Looks great. My first time doing autos .been about 6 yrs since I’ve grown

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Uploading: 20220113_071824.jpg…

got any ideas? Claw under then start turning brown on tips. Fish shits ecosystem only thing it’s had use on all of them this is only 1 looks this way

Can you take pictures in regular light @Mrscl be able to find what going on

20220113_165437|416x500 lights off

What’s your humidity and temperature been running on @Mrscl

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Not shore humidity droped it last light raise , temp is 67,68 off 74,75 lights on. Only plant out of 4 doing this it is furthest away from fan .

You can move all plants around it looks too me like humidity problem try put it closer to the fan for couple days let’s see what happens @Mrscl

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