Anyone with blue cheese auto experience

Ok ty , will rearrange them see if it improves.

Let use know what happens in couple days @Mrscl

Came in from work rearranged droopy leaf is now second from fan . Plucked a few of the bad fan leafs and noticed its got few pistols.

You growing autos or photos @Mrscl

All Blue cheese auto currently . This 1Lil over 6 weeks from breaking ground.

Its time then @Mrscl going to be fun happy growing

Looks nice ,curious how many plants in pic

Two plants northern lights @Franko

Got a new 1 put it in yesterday. The droopy leaf has started looking better. Since the shuffle noticed the plant I moved from the center now furthest from fan doesn’t dry out as fast as when it was in the middle.

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1971 , I thought it was only 1 in the pic . Alot of lst saw few pics online 1 plant LST filled whole 2x4 tent.

Good deal @Mrscl keep use updated on how it goes

rufly 4 weeks to go she’s got lil bigger.

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She will get even fatter my friend looking good nicely done my friend

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2 weeks droop has stood up and stretched almost 8"

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Earlier than planned , chopped her down yesterday.

I think you harvest to early @Mrscl you should have let it fatten up my friend

5 days from 8 weeks. I was hoping it would fatten up in the last week . Had a issue with a bull terrier knocked it over and chewed /ate cola while I was getting water. She to is impatient. The next in line will hit 8 weeks on 2 nd of March. She’s already this size.


Been awhile think getting it dialed in better![image|473x500](upload://mxWrkCGF2Ujk184QQaBa2NHRj69

.jpeg) this is 16days from breaking ground