Anyone ever stuff a turkey? 🍗

Last thanksgiving I decided to stuff a free( if you spend 150$ on groceries) turkey. I had a little under a pound of tag ends left from 2019 harvest. So I stuffed it in there like a too small suitcase (15lb turkey don’t forget to take out the gut sack inside) + a stick of butter. Basted every hour and cooked normal.

Let me tell you 1 turkey sandwich made me fall asleep drooling on myself. Keep it away from the kids for sure…


I’m old lady cackling right now. Hahahahaha! Thank our Creator for y’all people! (Yes, I’m a true southerner apparently)

I mean, can I get some? I probably need to be drooling on myself at this point.


@Noddykitty Hahahahaha that’s too funny and sounds quite delicious!

Yesssssss!! I put cannabutter & decarb trim under turkey legs & thighs Rubbed under the skin & deep fried them. My son forgot & ate a whole one lol. He was floating lol

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