Any Known Hazards with Viparspectra?

I purchased a ViparSpectra Reflector Series Model V450 because I thought it would be safe for my tent. However after receiving the manual with it, I read it’s supposed to be 40” from the walls?!
How is it feasible to have a 2’ light that needs to be in a 9’ wide space?

Does anyone else have experience with this light? I’m hesitant to even bother setting it up if I have a fire hazard. I wanted to use this in my 2X2 foot tent for veg. As well as later moving it into my 4X4 tent.

I contacted the manufacturer and they replied that it is supposed to be 40” from the plant…but that does’t make sense either :frowning:


@Kris as long as you have good exhaust and temperature control you will be fine using it in tents. They put those warnings on there because irresponsible people have started fires in their homes using reflector style led lights. You know the type. The ones that pack 3 to 4 reflector lights in a single tent and then run them 24/7 without proper exhaust and cooling and then wonder how they set everything on fire.


Thank you. I have a Mars Hydro and a SpiderFarmer light and neither one gave any warnings such as this. The only warning on my SpiderFarmer is to leave 1” between light and ceiling.

Their mention of 40” really alarmed me but at the same time it just didn’t make any sense to think you are going to have to have a 9 foot wide area to place this little light in the middle.


@Kris it’s intentionally over cautious to avoid law suits. Reflector style lights are known to run hot and catch fire if there isn’t proper cooling and ventilation. Run one fan at least directly on the light and have a decent exhaust fan going with a good cooling system and all should be fine. Just like growing with a HID setup but consuming less power. Lol


Humm…I have not had a reflector light before and wonder if it really not be a right one for me. I’m very basic (cheap). I have one small fan on the floor of my 4X4 tent, located in an opening to bring in cooler air and for air circulation. I have no exhaust fan, no cooling system, I just leave a couple vents open on my tent. I’m not trying to argue, just trying to figure out if my set up is really a good one for a light that runs hot.

Thank you for your advice :slight_smile:


@Kris I completely understand. If you have just one small fan and do passive exhaust a reflector style is not for you.

You’d be safer and better suited using a passively cooled quantum board style light or a bar style light.

The King LED lights might work for you as well. They’re inexpensive and actively cooled and don’t run as hot as the reflector style.


Thank you so much for taking the time to work through this with me. My 4X4 tent is set up in a small closet. My husband installed an exhaust fan in the ceiling of the closet that I can turn on if I see the heat in the tent getting too high, but it’s not directly linked to the tent and it doesn’t automatically turn on.

LOL…back to the drawing board :slight_smile:


@Kris what’s your budget for lighting and how many plants are you trying to grow?


Let me start by telling you what I do have. I have a MarsHydro TS-1000 and a SpiderFarmer 2000 set up in a 4X4 tent.

I had 3 auto’s and 3 photo plants, now down to 3 photo. I would love to grow 4-6 plants in there if possible.

I don’t really have a ‘budget’ or a certain $$ amount in mind, just trying to keep it as inexpensive as I can.

I also just purchased a 2X2 tent I was going to use for starting seeds/drying plants.


@Kris that TS 1000 will be perfect for the 2x2 to start seedlings and for early veg.

Your SF 2000 would be good for a 2x4 area so if you got another SF 2000 you could just run 2 of those in a 4x4 and have a great late veg/flower tent that could easily handle 6 plants photo or auto.

Another benefit of having two lights in your 4x4 is if some plants get taller than others you can just move the taller plants under one light and raise it and put the shorter plants under the other so you still get optimal lighting during flower.


Thank you again! I feel very comfortable with your suggestion.

I wanted to save the money in purchasing another SF2000 (this last light was only $90.00) but I think you are right on.

Thank you again, I do appreciate your taking the time to work through this with me. :blue_heart:


@Kris if you want to save $100 you could try the viparspectra p2000. It’s a passively cooled qb style like the sf200. About the same output but different hardware.

Happy to help. Happy growing. :v::call_me_hand::metal:


LOL…YES! I would love to save $100.00. I was just checking the price of the SpiderFarmer…I sure didn’t think I paid over $300.00 last time I purchased it.


@Kris you probably got the older model of the SF200 when they had a sale before upgrading their models to the version 2s. Lol

The newer updated models have different dimmers and better efficiency and higher output.


Look into the Viparspectra XS1500…The XS series is the latest model and uses Samsung 301b bulbs (top rated in the market)
The 1500 XS series will do what most 2000 series of others will do. I run it and it is superb. I use a cob (like your TS10000) for seedlings into late veg, then over to the Vipar, then over to my 640w custom built for flower


@Kris, I changed the :fire: word to the words above and put your topic in the light category. I realize I have also worked in corporate a lot, haha! :v:t2:


I have a viperspectra it’s a p600 it’s only a small light but om well impressed with it i have it in a 90×90×60 cm propogating tent I have it between 60 -10 cm away from plants and the driver is on 60% I germinate my seeds under it and veg them basicly it takes care of my plants untill they go into my flower tent and I have walls on two sides of the tent " I have a smoke alarm above both my tents " stay lucky :seedling:


Does it have fans inside? I use only viparspectra and they run a bit hot even with a fan built in. I have 2 600’s and a 1000( not in the same area)

its 45 outside but the 2 600’s keep it warmer in the shelter

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