Am I just adding extra cost and heat?

Ok, so growing two GMO Cookie autos… first time trying two in the same tent. Tent measures 32x32x72ish. Was pleased with my last grow of one in a smaller with sf1000 led… figured two plants. Two lights?? (Sf1000’s) Am I going over board for no reason? They do seam happy. Idk so many smart folks on here… figured someone could straighten me out. Thanks in advance for any and all opinions

Hmmm, strictly in terms of tent size, you can jump beyond a single SF1000 in terms of ideal coverage. They bill the SF1000 as sufficient for a 24x24 grow area. I purchased their 27x27 inch tent with the SF1000. Really, it’s close enough. Doing the math, mine is just about 5 sq ft. Yours is a hair over 7. But for two or three plants, how you manage the available surface is likely more important than a marginal bit of extra area. Either way two or three plants are gonna be about it. If you went to a 2x4 foot tent and added a second piggyback light, you’d have twice the capacity, no doubt. As it is, I’m thinking marginal, and you may want to look at scrog techniques to limit the vertical height. My 27x27x72 is really plenty for two plants.

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Yeah scrog for sure. Idk the biggest surprise for me was how much hotter it is with the second light. Really didn’t think they put out that much heat. Or maybe I’ll just setup the other tent again and separate them?? Ugh. I believe I have the same 27x27 tent you are referring too. That is what I used for the one last time

ty for the input

This was the 27x27


Do you have an inline in there also? With higher temps the buds tend to get airy. On the plus side, it’s a good time to run co2, with temps above 80 anyway. Happy growing!

I have 4" inline exhuast and 4 inch ac/ slash fan running in. So I can hold whatever I need… just know this ac unit isn’t nice on the electric bill… hmm co2… have not even thought of messing with that yet

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Fairly easy, I use the pro co2 canisters and hang above plants as it’s heavier than o2.

Have also dabbled with fungus for natural co2 but was more work and messy.

Well, gives me something to look into this evening. Thanks much

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The last crop looked great. I’m running a similar setup for filtration and cooling air. I pull part of the output off a 6000btu Walmart special air conditioner, and pull that into the tent with a computer style muffin fan in-line with the 4 inch inlet. Also have a t we o speed clip fan in the tent. I once lived in the tropics. I’ve seen weed grow wild in places where nighttime temps were pretty hot, and daytime brutal sun. It’s all about ventilation. If you can keep air moving, they’ll tolerate temp and relative humidity better than the numbers we usually see. Keep the girls waving, and temps wandering into the 80s are ok.


Slow and steady trying to k i s s… this is my 4th grow and I didn’t use nutes even till my 3rd… before that just threw em in some Big Rootz soil and topped once and let nature do its thing… well take that back 2nd time I did scrog. But would really like to improve the bud density and yield. Was told I was pulling them about ten days too early. So gonna let these go for more amber and hopefully that will help aswell.

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Got the screen ready… left spots to add another tier this time. The holes seem small but can fit a fist threw em and worked fine last go…just gotta be gentle. not too hard to adjust anyhow if need be. I can’t wait to drop it in the tent

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Damn that plant is insane. What strain is it and how many times did you top it? I definitely need to do stuff differently on my next grow.

GMO Cookie auto. Big Rootz soil Ph water and some coffee grounds during veg… Idk came out to 4ozs of pretty decent buds 20/4 light schedule from birth to harvest… I really think good genetics goes far.

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O and I stared at it ALOT. Haha kinda like a sticker on a civic adds 5 hp… a good stare goes a long way. Topped once. Sorry. Fimmed this time and I’m scared to death its not going to work out… time will tell

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Lol so… I mentioned I didn’t even try nutes till my 3rd grow… It ended up a mess… I so busy chasing my tail I didn’t notice the growing and growing amount of gnats in the tent and also didn’t know they could do harm… by the time I caught it. It was out of control. Went nuclear with DE… stopped the gnat problem… but now I was left with this wierd little thing. Still kicking at like 8 1/2 weeks… but ugghh smallest buds I’ve ever seen?!?


The two GMO Cookies at 21 days


DE is silica and Silica is alkaline by nature and therefore will naturally raise the pH level. Did you do a Ph run off test?
BTW, loved your scrog screen…I made one and added 4 pc fans, one attached to each cross member and easily move the tubes from lower to higher, spin them to make positive and negative air flow…all are usb…I can run 1, 2 , 3 or all 4…
McGuiver lives!


Nah just threw the plant outside and figured it was dead… still hanging on … except yesterday I put up a piece of plywood to block it from the nasty wind we get here… came out to plywood blown over on top of the lil thing. Just a rough life for that lil plant.

How did you power your pc fans? I’ve thought about using them before since I have some laying around. But never gave it a go

I’m thinking @Mrb53004 hook them fans up with old phone charger cable if im correct

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Got off my butt and did some interweb searching… that does seem to be the answer… should be fun to play around with. Ty

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