Aloe Vera during flower?

Hi all quick question do you use aloe Vera just during vegetive stage or through flower too


@Nugzilla are you using aloe vera tea?

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Just aloe Vera mixed with water

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I have never heard of using aloe Vera except as a wetting agent or a cloning dip. I did some rabbit hole reading and was surprised to learn it is a 4:1:1 NPK full of enzymes and trace elements. I was surprised I never thought or heard of this. My kitchen sink is surrounded by aloe plants that my wife adores. I have never thought twice about them except when I get sun burnt. I will have to play around myself.

I would say 4:1:1 you would not want to run heavy with it past mid flower. Unless you are just doing a leaf pinch dripple. The mix ratio I read was 1liter aloe gel pressed fresh per 100liters of water. So 100/1 water ratio.


I would like to know if this is a real website I ordered my stuff 5 days ago and didn’t receive a tracking number or no one is answering me

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Welcome to the site. It is a real site; my seeds came no problem. Many others seeds have been sown from the site as well. That said I am just a homegrower (not Homegrower) not affiliated to this site in any way. As a matter of fact the seed sales is completely separate from the forum. It is just regular people user supported.

The best person to contact for help is @Kronic. He is the closest thing to management. But I do know from past threads without a ticket or order # he is limited to what he can do for you. I would suspect just tracking your order should be no problem. Welcome to the site and happy growing.

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Yes it’s full of soooo many beneficial nutrients and good as a foliar feed

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Click here:

Then here:

@NATHAN33 yes it’s real. It may be due to large traffic on the site or your order hasn’t been packaged and shipped yet. If you DM me your order, e-mail used, and name on order I can check with customer service or you can use the help center function on the website :blush:

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@Nugzilla for sure. I was just asking because I make my own rooting solution using aloe vera, kelp, willow branches, etc… but it also makes a great flower tea if you throw in some molasses and brew it. High potassium low nitrogen chock full of micros. Buds explode and terps abound.

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It shipped thanks alot just had me Alitalia worried I gather all my essentials now just waiting on seeds.

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@NATHAN33 awesome! If you ever have any issues or questions please don’t hesitate to ask me :slight_smile:


Was I wrong on the NPK then.? I thought I read it was 4:1:1. It’s lower in nitrogen then? I was also surprised to read it was loaded w salicylic acid. I just planted some willow canes by the creek just for that. How ironic the Aloe Vera by the sink all ready had me covered.

@Noddykitty aloe vera likes a fertilizer of .5-1-1 because it’s an arid climate plant and doesn’t need a lot of fertilizer.

As far as the npk of aloe vera it’s similar to kelp so very low npk levels but a decent boost to potassium and it is loaded with minerals, micros, amino acids, hormones, etc… aloe is roughly a 0-.0013-.00362 or 362 mcg per gram k.

As someone who has grown Aloe Vera plants for several years now, I can say that Aloe Vera during the flowering stage is a beautiful sight to behold. The plant produces tubular flowers in shades of pink, orange, yellow, and red that grow on long stalks above the rosette of leaves. These flowers can last for several weeks and are attractive to bees, butterflies, and other pollinators, making them an important addition to any garden.

It is important to note that Aloe Vera is primarily grown for its leaves, which are used for various medicinal and cosmetic purposes. During the flowering stage, the plant will direct its energy towards producing flowers, which can result in smaller and less potent leaves. For this reason, some gardeners choose to remove the flower stalks to promote the growth of larger leaves. However, if you are like me and enjoy the beauty of Aloe Vera flowers, you can allow the plant to flower without any harm.

To care for Aloe Vera during the flowering stage, it is essential to provide the plant with adequate light, water, and nutrients. Aloe Vera requires bright, indirect sunlight and well-draining soil. Water the plant deeply but infrequently, allowing the soil to dry out between waterings. During the flowering stage, you can also fertilize the plant with a balanced fertilizer to provide it with the necessary nutrients.

It is worth noting that Aloe Vera is a slow-growing plant, and it may take several years for a young plant to produce flowers. However, once it reaches maturity, it will produce flowers every summer. Aloe Vera flowering can add a lovely touch of color to your garden while still providing all the health benefits of its leaves. So, if you are a fan of Aloe Vera plants, don’t be afraid to let them bloom.

Agree…. One of the main reasons using it as foliar spray for seedlings/ veg state is for strong healthy stems. I personally have been using horticultural aloe from BAS for a while now. It’s water soluble and you need less than a 1/4 tsp per gallon so it lasts forever. For tea I will put fresh organic Kashi blend into big tea bags and a little microbe complete along with the aloe.