Afghan Kush loving New England weather!

Is anyone else growing Afghan Kush? If so, please post some photos! This is my first time and so far they are doing great. I germinated my seeds from @homgrowncannabis on May 13th and they are looking to be ready for harvest sometime in mid to late October. I used Fox Farm liquid trio and now during flower I have used some molasses once a week and a little Flower Fuel to give the buds some additional love.


@JBL welcome to the forum, those are some beautiful ladies you got there. Can’t wait to hear how they smoke.

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Looks really nice Jeff @JBL !

Yes - I have grown Afghan Kush in past indoor grows. Love the strain!

You might be seeing her turn purple as the overnight New England outdoor temps drop.

Welcome to the forum man :+1: :v:

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@JBL Welcome to the forum!!! Absolutely beautiful girl! I have yet to grow Afghan Kush but I’m starting some next year :slight_smile: This beauty definitely has me stoked for what’s to come!

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Awesome looking buds, can’t wait to see finished product

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@JBL definite Afghan grower and yours look Top Tier