Advice on best time to start germination

Hi all! This is my first post and my first grow :relaxed:
I live in USDA Grow Zone 8b, and here in Western WA we are apparently having a cold/wet April and May. I’m still new at raised bed gardening but have a few seasons under my belt, but kinda impulsively I decided to grow the weeds this year to go along with my expansive garden hobby I have cultivated. I also have a pretty expensive med use cost problem with buying recreationally, so that just needed to be solved anyways.
My plan for everything (veg, herbs, flowers, mmj) was to start them indoors and move them outdoor in the morning to the cold frame until no longer needed. And back inside at night until no longer needed. This was my great new plan for the season.
Unfortunately, the weather is not as per usual and it’s still going to be below 60 during the days and below 50 at nights, for what I expect will be 2-3 more weeks.
I have a ghetto little light/heat indoor germinating greenhouse thing I have set up. Things have been in there 1-2 weeks and then they transition to the cold frame, it seemed to work well for many seeds (squash, cucumber, tomato, etc) that I’ve started over the past 6 weeks. However as I rotate crops and the sun doesn’t come out, they are getting sad this week. (South facing garden with pretty much full sun)
Which is why I came here, I just germinated my weed seeds. They are due within the next 24 hrs to go in my little germ station for 1-2 weeks, or however long they will fit in the solo cup, and then potted-up to 5g and/or 10 gal fabric bags and into the cold frame, the great outdoors and indoors when below 50.
This is what has me panicking, should I have waited two more weeks to germ? Until outside is more prime? I’m not going to plant my tomatoes or peppers or squashes yet, so why would I set a weed plant out? Right?
I have 8- blueberry autoflower seeds. Picked for climate and short grow season. I have germinated two and did already plan to germ another two in a month. But I hope this first crop isn’t a loss because of the extra cold weather we’re having or that if I wait too late in the season for the second.
I guess I’m hoping for input for some veteran PNW growers about working with outdoor seasons, especially our currently challenging season. My awkward little setup but it maintains about 73 f with 50% humidity

*This whole gardening season is a large experiment as a new stay at home mom who apparently needed a hobby and gardening has taken over my brain. I am hoping to ease financial burden with anything I can grow for our use but I’ve never done this scale before (never had the time previously tho). So not a lot is riding on it, but I’d be much happier if it wasn’t a total failure. :smile: