About the The Basics category

Growing indoors is vastly different from the outdoors. In exchange for having absolute control over all the environmental factors that make them thrive and produce insane yields, you do everything yourself. That includes providing the right kind of light and maintaining ideal temperature, humidity, and pH levels. So, whatever general questions you have, this section is here for you.

Which is easier indoor or outdoor?

Outdoors is easier because all you need to do is start a seed as soon as soil warms. Water and fertilize. Do your regular maintenance and care. And wait for fall to come.
Less you are growing Autos which make last step void. Just plant and grow for around 3 to 4 months.
Indoors does cost to setup properly at first and like most hobbies that cost grows. But you do get to control the environment and that gives you the power of complete success if you pull it off.