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As far as you have come to know about growing and harvesting the highest quality marijuana buds, both light and air circulation are among the cornerstones of a healthy environment. But the choices - brand, type, and so many other considerations - are nothing but sheer. There is no one way of configuring the perfect setup. Hence, if you need to make sense of all these choices, find the answers here.


Hello all new grower here question for auto can a 24 hour light cycle speed harvest time

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I’m just letting you know I’m commenting as I have limited knowledge on this subject and would like the answer, too.

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I have not grown in Auto but I would have to say no they are a timed plant genetically and will mature as its heritage clicks-through its lifetime. There is some on here who like 24-hour light for auto and others who do 18 on 6 off I think it’s personal preference or strain preference probably. But I’m sure one of them will chime in and let you know what they think.


Gah! I knew I left you off for a reason. My bad.


@Blackman1949 a 24 hour lighting schedule will not speed up harvest time alone. Autos will flower and mature on their own schedule. Adding some UV-B will help the trichomes finish and mature faster though.


24hr light will not make them flower early. Their flower timing is genetic, not light based. And while it’s true that the ruderalis does not need any darkness period the mixes we grow do. I find the 19/5 or 20/4 work best for autos.


Thank you both after this grow will go back to 20-4 read more light bigger buds this is my first