About the Indoor category

Not everyone has the luxury of growing marijuana outdoors. But that is not the only reason why you take it indoors. Inside the house, you have absolute control over all the environmental conditions. If you think that is too much of a responsibility, then maybe it is. And, that is why this section exists. It is here for you to find out everything you can about what your plants need. Having the ability to manipulate all the factors relating to growth means you can make them grow the way you want them to.

Knowing the light can be a pain. I’m just starting with lids so atleast the trial stage is over some what and there are good ones on the market now.
I bought a cheap led from Walmart just to get me by while I waited for a led from Amazon which was taking for ever. I needed for a Auto that was flowering in a pot outside and a bad early freeze was coming in.
So I used it for that and plant seemed fine to me. I lived it, flowered out all was well.
Till I went to use it for a light as temporary for my seedlings that I just popped while I finished out my other plants.
Well week and half down the road I noticed the seedlings :seedling: were not taking off like normal. But I knew soil ph was high 7.5 and I was lowering that. It was reused soil from previous grow from outside that I amended somewhat .
So I saw so ppls pics and were saying these 12 inch bushes were 2 weeks old and I got thinking thats about how old mine were.
Well turns out this 1000 watt led had 16 blue 25 red 20 white.
I put my other led which is a Bestva 3000w led on veg only and 24 hour noticeable difference.
Whoops won’t do that again