A new personal best

This is from my last grow. Sour Pinot×Watermelon. Hands down the best I’ve ever grown. Taste exactly like the name. Smells like heaven. 2 plants yielded over 7oz combined. I am planning my next grow to be strictly this strain.


@Rye hell yeah man, even the name sounds tasty, wasits autos??


Yes it was 87days. Had hardly any excess vegetation. Pics of it in my post titled “first grow in new room”.


@Rye congrats man. That’s a decent dry yield for two autos. Sounds like a lovely confectionery strain. How does she toke?


I’ve yielded more on other strains. And probably will per plant this next grow when I concentrate on it alone.

Best smoke I’ve had in decades. Would have to go back to my teens in the ozarks helping some hippies grow to think of anything comparable.

Smooth is an understatement. Taste is amazingly strong but subtle and never decreases throughout the joint. I could taste is the same from the first toke to the last. Like a sweet summermellon wine. Definitely can taste its strawberry heritage.

The high is sneaky, but not creaper. Physical from the sour parentage, especially around the eyes/forehead. And very long lasting, after more than a hr naps are a real possibility. Not any real munchie from it or dry mouth, but very bloodshot eyes and heavy baggage around them.

Without a doubt the flavor and aroma stand out. The smoothness is flabbergasting considering its only a 2 week cure. The ash is light grey in color, and porous/light in texture, almost like a fine dust when pressed between your fingers.

The grow was easy, and the plants had VERY light vegetation. Less than any strain I’ve ever grown. We see if that holds true.


I’m blind :sunglasses: so shiny


Wow! That looks/sounds amazing. So ok…the million dollar question…where did you get the seeds??? Inquiring minds want to know LOL

Man @Rye I gotta try that strain. Your description makes me want some. HGC got this strain??

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HOLY SHIT! That’s a good nug and half right there!

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Breed from sour diesel and strawberry cough HGCC genetics. 2nd gen pheno. Was worked out by a good friend, am about to run a full grow of just it to see how stable it is.


It really looks awesome! It’s interesting to see/read how some are so knowledgable in breeding these special hybrids :slight_smile:

Can’t find that seed company. ANY INFO? Thanks

@Rndlnd1 Home grown cannabis company. The forum your on. It’s their seed bank site for their genetics. This is off spring of their parents.

Ok thanks again… Will try to get some.

Hmm. That’s curious. :thinking: :ringer_planet: :earth_africa: :space_invader: :rocket: :alien:

That looks so nice. I can smell it off the screen.