24 hr light sched

Hey Guys,
I’m just past week 2 on my 2 autos. They have been on a 24 hour light. What’s my next step for best results. Leave it on 24 until harvest? Or do you start weaning it back?
Any personal experience advice is greatly appreciated!

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I meant almost at 2 weeks

They are really stretching too much. How far is your light from your plants.

I thought you were hydro. I really know nothing about dirt work.

The light is about 14-15 inches away

Just in my experience 24 hours is not necessary…I started with this and have slowly worked my way to 18/6. I have seen no difference at all except my electric bill is lower now…plus you really should give your plants time to rest imho. I would double check with my manufacturer about light distance…every light is different. They do seem to be stretching quite a bit, but in the end it shouldn’t really matter. They look healthy so that is what is important. Keep on keeping on I say. gl

I’ve adjusted the light and I’m giving them a break. Thanks!


No worries, glad I could help. If you run into anymore problems let us know. Even if I cannot answer there are plenty of other people in the community that could put you on the right path. I am still learning every day. We are all in this together!


I let mine rest 2 or 3 hrs. Just seems right

I’ve got a new much better light showing up tomorrow. So I’m hoping my girls can catch up a bit. They are both a little small

Ask the ladies, it’s all about the girth…if they are autos they will start to explode around week 5 or 6 and boom for about 3 or 4 weeks of stretch…then stack them marmalade nuggy nuggies

I hope they do! The one on the right is 11 days old and the one on the left is 7 days old. Left lady also needed surgery cause she was growing straight down. Hopefully she pulls through. They both seem to really like the new light. Is anyone in here fluent in auto grows? I’m wondering if I should add nutes or not. I’ve heard you should, and others say you shouldn’t with autos. Advice?

What kind of soil are you using? If there is already nutes in the soil I wouldn’t touch it or start adding till after at least a month.

That one had black gold soil. The healthy one that didn’t need surgery is in FF soil

It seems like they have nutes already…I would wait about a month and especially since they are still so young. You don’t want to do anything to stunt them or disrupt their growth.

Good call, thanks. Yeah the oldest one is 3 weeks today. I’ll take some pics later and see if everything looks good

I’m on my first Auto run, I did it with 20/4 until the second week of flowering, now I’ve reduced it to 19/5, here it worked. I use an iPhone app called “Photone” it measures the PPFD and DLI, is a good metric to quantify light. After I started using it I recommend it to everyone. I also use a table to know the amount of light at each moment. good luck on the way!

That’s cool! What kind of light do you have?

This lady is at 14 days

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I have these QB, 2x 120w 301B and 1X 120w 301H in a 1x1x2mt tent!