24 hr light sched

Hi I’m no expert this is my second auto grow and I only have 3 grows with photo periods .
I started my light at 24hr @ about 12 inches and the dimmer turned down like 1 or 2 and I’ll test it by putting the top of my hand directly under the light to make sure it’s not to hot I will leave it there until they have 2 let’s of leaves not including first sets of little leaves I can’t remember what they are called. On my first 2 grows I went with the light manufacturers directions and my plants stretched way to much I have a friend that’s been growing for a long time who kept telling me my lights were to high but I was stuck on the manufacturer recommendations so on my 3rd grow I dropped my lights down and went by temp to tell me if they were to bright or vice versa and I was much happier with the results but I wanted a shorter thicker plant and this is what I ended up with Ambrosia (photo)

And I can’t wait to see how these girls turn out I have 5 Wedding Glue and the bottom left is Purple Punch ,the Wedding Glue went in the soil on 11-4-22 and the P.P. went into soil 11-5-22 they are in roots organics formula 707 soil , I haven’t added any nutes yet I’ll probably start my nutes next week at 1/8 strength and gradually increase
I hope I was able to help some
Happy growing

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There is an app that can help you dial it in better…try Photone…I am currently using it to see if the results are better and it has my light really close to my buds but I am gonna give it a try. It was recommended to me to figure out my dli.

That’s the one I tried and for some reason I can’t get it to work on my phone , I’ve just been going by leaving my hand under it for as long as I can before I can’t stand or kneel in that position my thinking is of its hot to that soft skin I the top my hand it’s to hot for them girls and that’s really more for bloom when they are in veg I never go over 50%on my dimmer

Do you have an Iphone? I think it was meant for android

I got the app and it works great. Just hold it at the canopy and tap the button once. The number stays there and you can record it.

Does anyone see anything I don’t?

I have Android the app worked when I first got it until whenever it was I tried to use it last I can’t remember what exactly was going on I get basically kinda like an error message something about some kind of filter I think it was or something I been to lazy to try and figure it out and the way I been doing it seems to be doing the girls just fine I haven’t burned any as of yet (knock on wood) I’ll try it again when I get a new phone I’m to lazy to try to go into the phone and figure it out and I don’t have the patience with these new phones I use the camera and email, phone and text options & a few other apps trying to diagnose why some apps don’t work right is beyond what I can do with my phone

Anyone! What is a good lux and fc number? The conversion chart hurts my brain

I use the back of my hand.
Lower the light until it starts to burn your hand, held at canopy height. Remember to raise your light as your plant grows.

Lol, thanks. I got it right 7 months ago…

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