1st Outdoor Grow🤔

Dude :heart: the help, come on over & smoke her with me!!

Hope you & the girls are enjoying the cooler temps. Happy growing

Yesterday was the FIRST morning I opened my door and left it open for a breath of fresh air since MAY! We finally dipped to 100° daytime and are hitting low to mid 70’s at night. My buds are filling out! Crap, now I I have to move and there we go, the next mountain to climb. I might have to sell off my equipment, or some of it, if I cannot find a residence conducive to growing in and or out
I got 10 Gold Leaf auto (compliments MDBuds for the seed I pollinated. I am not sure if I mixed with GSC or Frankie auto…they may have to take a trip to the compost pile…19 days old
My GDP, GDP/GG4, AcapulcoGold and GSC auto I moved into a closet are in 2nd week of flower. I have 5 weeks left at this premise…they may have to get chopped early
se la vie…life is a b__tch, ain’t it
Per Rosannazannadanna - “If it ain’t one thing, it’s another”


Well @Mrb53004 our girl Frankenstein got caught in heavy downpour & branch broke ugh. I trimmed & it drying. Waiting for that dry snap lol.
The rest of plan is good tho

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remember, if it is still connected, secure it, tape it, tie it…even glue it…if it fell off, oh well, early harvest!

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Definitely early harvest, it’s gonna be a good Halloween treat!!

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So Frankenstein A is in the dark closet. Father is having surgery, so I hope to wet trim Friday (10/15), chop & hang.

Not sure if outdoor growing is for me. But I have some months to think about it.

Trying DWC individual pots when I get my new 4x4 set up.

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