1st Outdoor Grow🤔

wow i dropped 3 seeds all got taproot, but only this lil lady made it. HGC OG Kush auto. I dropped 2 BBG, but NO past luck. These are the replacements, we’ll see.

Going to add soil to support her stretched neck


I have had a rough time with bbg autos My guess is they are nutrient sensitive. Here is a pic of one cola from a black jack auto that I said I would show you.


Your Black Jack looks dense. BBG seeds are in papertowel. We’ll see if they pop.

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Hey friends, hope all is well with ya. This outdoor grow OCK Auto 3 days old continues to stretch.

Put her under lightbulb yesterday, rained all day & most of today. Brought her out, thought natural light beats a lightbulb any day!!


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What’s OGK?? She looks pretty solid, right? Just put some dirt around the base? That’s what I was doing from watching others. I can’t wait to join in when I can. Lightbulbs suck. I’m so confused about my own light situation because I’m just confused in general.

Lol, OGK typos. I did the soul thing & she stretched out of that. Praying that Ohio bipolar weather takes her meds and settles down.

Well she stayed out last night & she looks ok.

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You can rotate it a quarter turn two or three times a day to stop the stretching


Hi! How are y’all doing? It’s going to be a fantastic day today! :rofl::joy::v: I promise. If the world could stop consuming so much bread, I wouldn’t be so anemic and hormonal. Do y’all think we Americans know how to do that with our diets?

Nice strong stalk she has.

Edit: All clear. Please let me know how everything is going. But, useful. Four corners should be covered right? I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir. (Preaching to the what??!! ,:rofl::joy::v:)

I also like her fine hairs. I’ve always adored that in wee ones. I forgot what it is called, but it’s what captures the sperm initially in utero whether plant or human. Pretty cool, huh? :v::nerd_face:

I bought the Majic auto pack from HCC some time back…First of all I had problems with germination…HCC replaced the dud seeds…The Bubblegum was the only strain that I will not grow again…Every seed turned into a stunted or semi-stunted plant…Very small yields 7 to 10 grams each…The Jack Herer 22 to 30 grams each…The Og kush 34 to 44 grams each…I suppose HCC can’t get it right all the time…I hope your Bubblegum autos do better than mine did…HAPPY GROWING

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Lemon autos at 2.5 weeks from seed…There Rocking…


BBG never popped for me either. A while back, Aleister ate my Lemon Kush seedling. :expressionless:

Yours look beautiful! :star_struck::v:

I wish I could bring my Gelato P outside. She has struggled, but still wants to make buds lol.

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Why don’t you? It’s not nice outside?

Don’t know if I have enough sun light for her flower stage. Didn’t know if I could w/o killing her​:thinking::thinking:

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Can’t you divide the time inside and outside? Sounds like a PITA to me, but I thought I saw it mentioned on one of these threads. Working off of a phone, which is acting up, so I’ll attempt to find info for you.

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Do not confuse sunlight with daylight. Is she auto or photo? How far along is she? Flowering yet? How much sun do you get, how much ambient daylight? What size container is she in? How old is she

I germinated two BB, got tap roots, dropped them (one in the tent & the other in my outdoor contained garden. Neither sprouted.

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how long did you let the tap get? What did you drop them in? What are the temps and did you dome them?

I have tried most everything with the bubblegum autos to get them to grow. Ine out of six germinated. And it was stunted maybe 10 grams total. I love thebubblegum but can’t spend more money on the seeds for no return.