1st Outdoor Grow🤔

Ok so my understanding of whether she vegging or flowering. She has whit/ green pistils no trichomes to speak of.
Guess not sure if the sun was strong enough. Got plenty of daylight. Gonna roll the dice and take her out. Will still control access to rain & too much direct sun. Current temps 83-86° daytime & 75 - 78° and rh 86%.

Shes in 5 gal black fabric. Also she’s getting ph grow nutes, then ph molasses water. She can’t look any worse. If she lives, should I remove some dead yellowing leaves??



Hey @Adcrag you need to invest in a seed mat it will help with germ. seed our weather is alot defferent then out west


Only seeds I’ve had problems with was BBG. Will NEVER buy again

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the yellowing leaves you see are LOWER LEVEL leaves, a sign that the plant is taking nutrition from its fan leaves…that is how FALL begins in nature…the flowers will use the energy from those leaves…LEAVE THEM ALONE…you are in FLOWERING STAGE…the trikes are beginning to develop now.
you need to think about a cheap small light (remember @DollarBill cheap setup?) Come to think of it, I haven’t seen him in quite some time…I hope all is well with him. You could even go for one of those cheap UVA/UVB bulbs and give her 2/3 hrs a day direct light from it

click on this
$13 for bulb, $9 for lamp…
Do not worry about direct sun…I do not think there is enough to put your plant back into veg or foxtailing…

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Well she’s outside, no turning back. Gonna take this time to get my new tent & drying tent setup.
I sat her in direct sunlight for a couple hours, want to ease into it. I’ll be moving my girls in wagon to catch the sun.
My last BBG seed sprouted today, so I’ve got more in my hands than I expected.

So I got this Gelato P, in flower but don’t know how long. One OGK A and 2 BBG A. Let the fun begin​:clap::eyes::clap::eyes:


Gelato P sprouted 2/18 and is outside now. Gotten confused, do I give Grow or Bloom nutes. She looks so pitiful, but I’m let her run.

She might look a little better since getting real sunlight. Chance of rain, won’t let me leave her out in direct sunlight.

So I was thinking with some greenhouse stealth, I could put the girls here. Thoughts, is it too hot, too much direct sun??

Direct sun is on the way it 10 AM

Because that is a 2nd story, no one will be able to see it unless they are on TOP. Just add fence guard
available on Amazon
click here
Take the temperature of the area…I live in Vegas and we are at 105-110° right now and my plants are faring OK as long as I water them properly. I keep my water at 65° ( add ice cubes till I get it where I want it), keep a cheap fishtank airpump for O2 (we want a lot of Oxygen in the summer heat)
If it gets too hot, you can move them to the shady portion of the deck

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So I ordered the screen & a 71"x36"x36"greenhouse, that way I can control rain. Planning to run fan if I have to close.
I was also think I need something to insulate the porch roof from overheating my pots. Thoughts

you could by SHADE fabric…but take the temps first to see if you need it. We want the sun. I live in the desert and we are 110°f plus right now. My plants stress, need constant watering but they are faring well as they are in flower (the photos). The Autos- they are growing but I ma not sure if the heat is stressing them to stunt YET…Can’t keep it shady all the time

I was thinking of the floor. Covered with roll out roof stuff

dark absorbs the heat, light reflects it. I have tan cloth containers and paint my plastics white to reflect the heat.

@Adcrag you will be fine putting them on your deck your weather is the same as mine and i have three out side they been through all that rain we just got ended up with 4 inches of rain this past week

Great to know. Can’t wait to get it setup. The greenhouse will help manage the overwatering, I will have fan to keep breeze & reduce mildew & some pests. At least that what I’ve read. Lol

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