1st Grow,GrnCrk x Ak47/ Deelite Auto cheap grow

I used a soil from doller tree so I’ll have to move the plants into greater soil soon or will I? I need to know if not using nutrients well still produce a wonderful smoke and yields as well?! With the proper care of course.

I may convert my grow to the closet area but I don’t have the lights and all that.
So I’ll have to use the household lamps and all that for now.
I’d like the proper guidance to a great experience and successful smoke.
I am Goin for the Green Crack x AK47 seeds and also a couple Deelite auto flowers.
There was a mixup so I’ll have to just let time pass to see if it’s an auto flower lol, I’m excited. It’s about 2 1/2 3 weeks for the ones that have sprouted already! They have slight damage please help me get them going. It may have been light schedule or too much water. I don’t know. You’ll see the picture If it lets you.
Regarding the Low budget,
I have controlled environment indoors,
Studio apt with AC, I’m in Texas by the water but I’m indoors so Any help along the way would be so much appreciated. Thank you. I’ll get more photos along the way. Also need help with the slight insects too that may show up lol thank you!!


@Messy you can make due with what you have but you will need to add more light to get plants that aren’t stretched out and larfy.

They make led grow bulbs that fit in standard light sockets that you can put in a clip on lamp around the outside of your little grow box.

We can invite @DollarBill in to help a bit. It’s been a while since I’ve done the poor man’s rig as a call it but he still runs low wattage grows with lamps and led bulbs so he might be able to help you more.

Your soil will work without adding extra nutrients even if it’s cheap potting soil. Once you start to see deficiencies you can just top dress with some of the extra soil and back fill and after a few weeks things will bounce back. The issue with this is if you run out of soil or run out of space for more soil you will need to transplant into new soil/pots/containers with fresh soil.

I’d recommend at least getting a few standard dry amendments to top dress with. Something like a 4-4-4.


@Messy also, what is the size of your grow box/area? I’d suggest adding enough led light to have around 30 watts of light per square foot.

Another thing that will help immensely in small low budget grows is using LST to keep them short and increasing the surface area of the canopy.

Also remember with the lower wattage led grow bulbs you can keep them super close to the plants. This will give them the maximum amount of light they can put out and also help keep them shorter so they don’t outgrow your space.


I got a closet grow space about 2 x 4ft
Ill use the area when they are ready? Thank you for the advice, Also the studio apt is controlled AC wise. I will have to get some better lighting soon. I’ve so far used the household lights. Wont be worrying too much about the Smell when they get going. Just want this grow to go Nice and Easy lol

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Thank you! Ill get some topdressing asap! I didnt see this post but yeah im looking foward to just having them all sprout so i can switchup the placement a bit towards the closet.


Most Recent 05/25/21 Autos are the sprouted ones and the others are AK47 x Green Crack Fem. 1st grow attempt. Advice?


https://homegrowncannabisco.community/t/re-1st-grow-grncrk-x-ak47-deelite-auto-cheap-grow/6344 :v:

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Your on the right path my friend. I got some fem green crack x ak 47 ima try soon. Keep us posted on your progress! Cant wait to see!