10x10 maximum yield?

Hey, I’m buying a 10x10 tent to really maximize my yield. Without going into all the sciencey crap about grams per watt and all that, assuming everything is good with soil and lighting, what do you think the maximum yield i can get out of it? Probably would have 16 plants in 5 gallon air pots with build-a-soil soil and amendments. Thanks!


Depending on the strain and assuming everything in your grow goes as planned…

Theoretical best case scenario could be

Strain yield density (oz/m2) x 9.2 m2 (10x10 tent)

So for example HGCC Big Sticky Fem they say max yield is 21oz/m2

21 x 9.2 = 193.2oz =12.07 lbs

Again that is just the raw calculation without factoring in the other parameters.

Thanks for that. Guess I coulda figured that out myself lol. I was more wandering if anybody here did it. Cant decide which seeds I want next. Leaning towards Sour Diesel for nostalgia. But also want something really high yielding like Moby Dick or something. I guess with a 10x10 I could pick a few. Whats the best seeds you got here in your opinion? Right now I got 8 Green Crack growing and its a huge flop, but they’re almost done so there’s no fixing them. Bright side is I have 8 more with the bogo sale so next time will be a lot better

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@TolkinWhite I have only grown Gelato, but it has a much lower expected yield.

I have started some of the free Deelites they send when you order. I have 4 gelato in a 4/4 tent now. I should have planted 6.

I have seeds for
Magnum Auto
Ak47 Auto
Grape Killer 99 fem
Wedding cake fem
Purple Haze fem
Sour Diesel fem

Just trying to navigate my next move.

At my experience level there is no way I could handle 16 plants at one time. Lol. Which is funny since I have had up to 30 tomatoes growing in the same space with zero fear.

My goal is to build out a grow room in an outbuilding, have separate seedling, veg and flower areas. Develop a perpetual grow process.

But I just like growing stuff. Anything. Always have. Lol.

This is my 2nd grow. First one was Kyle’s Sweet Island. That was some good shit but I definitely could have done a lot better on it as far as yield. Only got a half pound from 3 plants.

I have 8 plants in a 4x4 and its way too tight, thats why I’m getting the 10x10 in a spare bedroom. I was planning on going tentless in there but the smell would be too much, I dont want my house smelling like a dispensary lol.

4 plants in a 4x4 sounds nice to me, you can really let them veg out longer and it’ll be like having 6 smaller plants

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I’m about five grows in, and just starting to crack the limits of my method. Growing in soil, given sufficient light to cover the area, I think about half the seed house yield predictions is fair. They’re talking optimal, hydro, perfect ph, light, nutes, etc. if you can crack half that, say 200 grams per meter square, that’s still 2 kilos in nearly ten meters of tent. Now, the question becomes, can you light and heat/cool humidity control that much tent?

Well I’ll put it like this. I’m in my very damp moldy basement now so everything is fighting me. I do hvac and in the process of setting up a bedroom with a top notch ac/heat system with dehumidification and the whole 9 yards. So when that happens I definitely can maximize the environment. Right now its just bare studs and plywood subfloor. By the time this grow is done I should be ready. I’m lucky I can do it myself for like $2000 or so. A company would charge at least $12000 for what I want. I’m gonna go full ac infinity for the tent and lights and fans. I have a gorilla 4x4 now, too expensive for the 10x10 so ill use that for drying

That sounds fantastic. The scale to justify the modern hvac controls, etc are a game changer. You’ll be doing the dance with a PAR meter and documenting light footprints and the whole shebang like the hydro guys.

Lol. Yeah, I just wish ac infinity would get a move on things. Everything they have on their site that I need is “in development”. Not really feeling like buying 10 2x2 lights, I just want 2 4x4s and maybe a 2x4 to really fill it out. Probably just have to piece it together slowly

In a tent or room that size, you’ve got literally twenty four times what a 2x2 tent is.given enough light and hvac, oodles of weed. I’m thinking a center aisle flanked by two 3ft wide grow areas along opposite walls. That’s still like fifteen small tents worth of grow. You’d be able to light that with concentrated light along the sides, leaving the aisle in the middle. So if you started with a quarter or half the lights, daisy chain each bank, so you end up with two r four grow spaces you could opt to light or not, and how much.

Yeah, its gonna be great. I’m kind of modeling my setup after the build-a-soil guys. They have really good videos on YouTube, definitely the most knowledgeable dude I’ve seen talking about it. Like, he knows EVERYTHING about soil and they do 10x10 tents. I’m gonna buy their soil for my next grow instead of bullshitting around trying to make my own stuff. For whats in the soil, its so much cheaper to just buy it from them instead of buying everything they put in there. Like, among many other thinga, they put mustard seed in it lol. Who would even think of that?

If you haven’t seen their videos you should check him out, you’ll definitely learn some things. I just need something I don’t have to think about much, let the experts figure it out for me.

Exactly. I’m not about inventing the wheel. We have that already :smiley:

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