$1000 Challenge

Sorry if the title was misleading.

Lets say,
You have to completely start over.

You have 4 feminized seeds,
with limited indoor space (8x4),
and $1000 spending limit.

(Tent, lights, air filter systems, other accessories )


@JarJar How tall is the space? Are you using a spare room/closet?

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Select spider farmer, ac infinity 4x4 with t6 bundle, select fabric pots, select organic nutes, use code WEGROW.

Should come in at just under $1k with tax and standard shipping.

Only thing you might need to add later if your house is dry or too humid is a small humidifier or dehumidifier. You can find those cheap online though for $30-50 for a decent one for a tent.


It’s just some empty space in my bedroom. Ceilings are the standard 8 to 9ft high.


The only problem I found with my 4x4 tent was I wish I’d spent the extra $25 for a 5x5! To go from 16sq’ to 25sq’ would have given me a bit more room around the edges…

Not that I have buyer’s remorse! Just those couldashouldawoulda moments!

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@spudgunner I’ve been thinking about investing in a 5x5 myself. But then again I’d need to invest in another light if I did that but I’m not quite there yet. :joy:

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@MDBuds I hear ya! Wife is ok with my grow as long as it’s legal, so 4 plants. We have a 5’ crawlspace under our place, I’ve thot about setting up a small area there for seedlings and clones. And for drying, it’s almost the perfect temp and rh there.

Going rate for clones here is between $10 and $20 each…would help cut the cost of new equipment just taking 5 branches off each of the 4…cost of a new tent, new light, etc!

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@spudgunner make sure you use good carbon filters if you’re going to be finishing and drying in your crawl space. I tried using the crawl space on my last grow and my whole house smelled like weed. Just an fyi.

Thanks…when I trimmed my last batch dried in my tent, my daughter had an overnite bag in the living room. She came home from work, grabbed her bag and drove to her boyfriend’s place. When she got there, he said her whole car smelled like a grow-op! Just from the bag being on the same floor where I was trimming!

Just built a drying box for inside the tent. Have a Bruce Banner auto that might get chopped in 2 weeks, and 2 photoperiods with about 6 weeks to go. This will take the air intake, suck it through the box and then out into tent where the carbon filter can deal with the smell.

Id make the tent out of 1/4 in sched 40 pvc and film panda or diamond 175 ish if you use fancy shit like magnets for closure… wich I 100% recommend :ok_hand:
Spider farmer sf1000 2 ea. 250
use spider farmer fan and controller… the 205 cfm one with temp and humidity display and control. 169
Humidifier… this ones a crap shoot. So 200
2 ea little hurricane fans 50
Thats like what 850 something. So room for incidentals like good duct tape!. But some of the others id go with to start out…
bag of coco/perlite 20
Nutes 1 qt size full program 180
Ph/mS meter 125
Grow bags 15

And you say starting over so I’d guess some of this would already be laying around or readily available… so monies saved there… maybe upgrade the lights or go more fancy with the tent design. And honestly if you follow the program provided by the nute co wich are actually 100% for cannabis in most cases these days… So you really can just follow the recipe provided for the most part.

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I’d hit up amazon.buy each piece.separate a lot.cheaper.:ok_hand:

Ultimatley that is what I did, but I decided to go through the actual company and came out around the same price. I had been looking at A/C Infinity for induct fans befroe when I had my DIY closet. They started selling tents and accessories shortly after, and all decently priced.
3x3 Tent 130
Duct fan & Filter 175
For my Light I went straight through Mars-Hydro and got a
TSW 2000 for 230
So roughly with tax thats 530 only, spent half the money I expected.

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