Zero Water Filter use

I am considering using this Zero Water filter to filter my DWC water.

Currently I have been using distilled water.

Anyone have any experience or knowledge if the Zero Water filter has any issues when used for hydro?

I see views but no responses, not even ‘I would like to know how it works out’ very surprised with this outcome from this forum…

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Well, that’s one way of getting attention. I don’t get responses on my posts a lot of times either, but I tend to think the world is topsy turvy and all of us are just trying to survive. I just wanted to :stop_sign: by and acknowledge you. Peace be with you! :v:

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I have a Zero Water filter for my kitchen…Sorry but it comes up short…
Better off with the HOSE filter
Amazon -click here

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thanks @Mrb53004 @kmac03 I am going to give it a try on one tank and compare it to a distilled water tank and see what happens…

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Never used that one. Looked at it when I was looking at filters, decided to go with a RO/DI system instead.

I could never understand all the waste from RO systems…Is there a reason it is not recirculated. The filters catch the impurities, not the excess water flushed and sent to waste

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I used zero water now I have an RO system. I had problems with both. I had to add Calmag twice as much.It definitely stopped the root rot problem.

both systems REMOVE CALCIUM from the water. My issue with RO is how much water it does waste and we are in DROUGHT conditions here in the SW…I am buying ro water (5gal) for now but also ordered
attaches to hose, click here
I will post when finished testing…have to see the PPM and PH outcome…

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I have the geekpure RO system. Its 1gal of RO for 2 gal processed. Every system I checked on was pretty much the same. 1for 1.

So far my experience has been good with the zero water filter but I am still evaluating it.
My tap is around 7.2ph with 250ppm. I get around 15 gallons thru the filter before I replace it. I buy the filters in bulk so the cost per gal of water is around $.80. What I see is the filtered output of the zero water filter starts off around 7ph but as it gets used the ph moves up to as much as 8.5 before it drops to around 5 when the ppm starts to go from 0 to 6. Strange how the ph changes as it gets used. I also have found that when I am using the least amount of nutes in my stage 1 nutrient solution, 90ppm, that the water tends to hold bubbles on the surface like I put soap in it. (DWC with air stones) When I change out the reservoir and go to stage 2 ,400 ppm, the bubbles disappear. I never saw this with just distilled water. Plants seem to start off slower but catch up by 6 week mark.

I am paying less than .25 a gallon for ro from a water store, I buy at 5 gal bottles and prepaid card…lowers it to around .18 cents a gal

Hey @Mrb53004 wish I had a water store near me