Yellow spots on leaves

Does anybody have any idea what these yellow spots are and how to get rid of them during flowering? They seem to start spreading throughout garden.

Looks to me like leaf hoppers they are tiny grass hoppers they jump from leaf to leaf

Oh wow I thought maybe it was fungus or some sort of nutrient problem.

Are your plants outside or inside

Neem oil will stop that if your not flowering yet

My are inside a tent

Can you send a picture of a close up of them leafs I can’t zoom in on them

If I zoom in it’ll say file too large to send. You can actually pinch zoom in on the picture.

Its blurry can’t tell what im looking at i try few things

Need see other side too if possible is them holes or markings on leafs

take a peek here to see if either of these match your symptoms

once you have narrowed down the problem, then we can recommend a solution
Flowering time is not an impossible time to address theses issues, it is just important to not use anything that will taint your buds

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Yeah it definitely looks like it could be from bugs looks more like leaf hopper damage. The damage is round yellow spots. I cut off all damage leaves. I’m on 12/12. Lights come on at 8pm and go off at 8am. I sprayed leaves with soapy water 7:30 this morning.

No their not holes just Markings on leaves

Did it all show up sort of suddenly, sometime after you sprayed? Were the spots there when you posted the chewed on leaf the other day?

When I read this I wondered if you had followed up with that soap spray. Spraying the leaves is best done right after the lights go off. That way it has a chance to dry off before your lights come on. Otherwise the water droplets remaining on your leaves can serve like a lens for your light and leave little burn spots.

and spray the UNDERSIDES…that is where you look carefully for insects too

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Yeah they did show up all of a sudden. There were some spots when I posted chewed on leaf. I did not follow up with the soap spray. I just sprayed with water I’m hopes of washing away neem oil from plants. I didn’t spray with soap water until this morning. What you’re saying sounds like a possibility because when I spray leaves the lights are always on but it be like 10 to 15 minutes before the lights go off and I always dim the lights.

I cut all leaves with spots hopefully it doesn’t stress plants. It wasn’t too many just mostly fan leaves.

Like Mike @Mrb53004 said, check the undersides of them for anything moving or that looks like eggs. They’ll be almost microscopic in some cases so look really close.

And hold off on spraying again for a few days. If it spreads and you didn’t spray you know you got a problem. If it stops you’ll know what the problem was.

Ok I’ll try that and see how it works

Hey, I held off on spraying for a few days and yellow spots went away. Your info helped out I appreciate it. Everything looking good now but I have a few curled leaf tips. Any ideas? I think I may be from the way I watered. When I water or fertilize I drench the soil no leaching though. What’s your thoughts?

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