Yellow spots on leafs

Growing sour diesel feminized auto flowers. I have two of 11 plants with yellow spots on some of the leaves. It started out on one plant and now the plant next to it has spots on a few of the leaves. I noticed on the first one about two weeks prior to the second one. I am wondering if thrips can cause the problem. And what the best treatment would be.

Thanks this is my first grow of multiple plants.

You may have a fungal problem since it sounds like its spreading, treat with neem oil (unless flowering) or some solution of copper fungicide. Or like 3/4 a teaspoon of baking soda to a gallon of h20. Remove all leaves showing the problem with clean scissors. Make sure everything is clean as possible in and around the area…:sunglasses: (photos help alot)

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Here are some pics on the plants then one of the leaves after I trimmed it off, top and bottom. Thanks so far.

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yellow spots - usually a result of:
Mn or K deficiencies
Calcium deficiency
so the first prompting is: Cal/Mag…
Too much fan has also caused brown spots
make sure Ph is in the zone

@rsed809 definitely looks like a calcium deficiency. You can use calmag or you can use just plain calcium in the form of calcium acetate or calcium carbonate.

Ok thanks. I’ll get on that. Next time I’ll take pics without lights