Yellow plant...WTF

I have a plant that is all yellow. And its not un healthy just all yellow. Can anyone tell me why this is. I have a whe tent full of auto diesel

have you checked your soil ph. It may be alkaline.

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Are you spraying those with the lights on? Plant looks wet? You feeding it any thing besides Ph Water ?

If that’s an hcc gold leaf there’s your answer.


Yellowing can have many culprits. Including no problem at all. I am a fan of keeping it simple. This is how I would approach this.

  1. Flush soil if I am adding nutrients, then allow soil to dry out until plant asks for more. This will clean out the soil.
  2. Reduce watering going forward to just enough that the plant asks. Different strains will react differently to under or overwatering.
  3. Look at heat, reduce and control if you feel it might be a bit too high on such a young plant. Reduce plant stress.
  4. Look for small pests, might want to invest in a jeweler’s loop to help with this.
  5. Since most issues that I see with my plants really started a week ago. I would ask what I changed last week. If I can identify, keep an eye on what I did and maybe half it (if I added nutrients or additives). See what happens.
  6. In grow, Nitrogen, Calcium and Magnesium are very important. Little of each and record the results.
    Go slow and record your results. It helps me understand what I am seeing as well as avoid the same issues next grow.

Good Luck and Welcome!

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