Yellow leaves on my purple kush/ Mayzar

So, I’m a month into flowering and all of a sudden I’m seeing yellow leaves. I cut down on the fertilizer and raised my light another 4 inches. I’m so confused.

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Looks like some nice buds man! :+1: I’ll assume you’ve done basically everything right. It looks like N but that can be any number of things.

They look to be in great health otherwise. I’d be nervous to change much about the fertilizer or anything at this point.

You might just want to prune those ones away anyway. Looks like a few of them might be blocking bud sites. The plant will use up some it’s old fan leaves at the end of flower as it fades into fall.

Thanks my dude! Kinda what I was thinking as well! Love.

What you mean by N???

N: nitrogen
P: phosphorus
K: potassium

The major 3 nutrients for ALL plant on earth.

NPK are listed on soil mixes and fertilizer mixes in a ratio relative to each other.

1:1:1 would be an even ratio of NPK

Or you can find fertilizers that have just N, P, or K.
It just depends on what your plants need and what growth stage they are in.

You must read the tea (weed) leaves ha.
To know what the plants need.

So, I’m using 1%N, 34%P, 32%soluble Potash, 2%S,…

Sooooo. Still having issues with my plants. Everything on top is still turning yellow. I’ve cut off the existing yellows but the top fan leaves are still turning. I have 2 of the same strains side by side, one is doing phenomenal, the other has this problem. The one with the yellow leaves is super bushy compared to the next, which is doing just fine. Thinking it’s naturally pruning itself. Idk. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks again!

the solution you show has little to no Nitrogen, thus the yellowing. I cannot tell what the 2%S represents but your nutrient solution should be N&P&K…more P&K for flowering but not so low on the N…you need some N for greening
IF…IF you have a nutrient lockout, like to much Calcium, you will lock the N from being absorbed
Best thing to do is a FLUSH
FLUSH…3 times…clear water at proper PH…Heavy flush…you can read up on full flush anywhere on web…simple practice of flushing your soil. Then, let dry a little, then restart nutes at proper levels for mid flowering and make sure the PH is correct
Flushing never hurts a plant but N is water soluble so you will still see some yellowing…continue with a feed schedule based on plants age / position in flowering (you should be at a mid to late flower stage)

@Mrb53004 how do you prepare strawberries for to pull zinc from them

I cut the tops off my strawberries and just place them in RO / ph balanced water to make a TEA…
Sometimes I just add them to my 5gal tea pot that sits in the yard
at 110f+…this stuff cooks very well
Zinc is a rare deficiency…if you use ANY micros, enough is in there
I put banana peels, strawberry tops, leaves, molasses in my tea, add aeration and let it brew
I also make a foliar using the tea brew, add some steamed milk, kelp, and a little epson salt…

Ok thanks i need little zinc for plant

I just planted about 200 strawberry plant a few years ago. Then when my kids eat them all I make sure the tops end up in my compost. I like the idea of making a zinc tea though Mike. I will try that.

I made a tea from strawberries plants i let airated over night going to water this morning thanks @Mrb53004

Hi all. You guy’s helped me out so much I’m going back to the people I trust. This is my 5th grow. Everything has gone to plan how I expected thanks to you pimps. So, my last crop of Purple Kush/ Mayzar was amazing. I used the same lighting schedule, same fertilizer, same everything. This time around these do not resemble what I grew last time. They are frosty but the smells aren’t what right. When I cured them last time it was November, now it’s April. Could that totally effect the curing process?

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