WW autos with a photo SFV OG same tentn

Brand new grower first indoor grow.
On my first grow I have 3 WW autos and a photoperiod SFV OG clone sharing a light in a 2.5’x2.5’x7’ tent with a 200 watt LED.
The WW’s popped on Oct 1 and are now just showing early flower signs. They are just entering week 4.
I want to flip the lights to 12/12 to flower the SFV OG in order to have everything as together as possible.
I have no idea what to expect in terms of growth or timing. I’m keeping the plants short and they’re all in 3 gallon cloth pots. I plan to SCROG the canopy later. I’m using LST to keep the canopy even now.
Will the WW autos do fine under a 12/12 light? I know they will still flower under 18/6 but the photoperiod SFV OG is the limiting factor.
Will the WW’s still fine with 12/12?
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Welcome to the forums friend!
I know I have done the auto-flower and photo-period germination thing as well in the same tent. The fun things of course is that autoflowers’ set their own flowering rate regardless of 12/12 or 18/6 or what not.

The only thing I would caution about is that even feminized autoflowers can sometimes be hiding some male or partial hermaphrodites and if you have a photo girl in flowering, well…It hasn’t happened to me, but a relative of mine had an autoflower go “hermie” on him and ruin 4 feminized photo and two feminized auto’s since he didn’t catch it in time. Thanks for sharing and we look forward to more photos and your valued experience!


I’d approach the timing in regards to your photo’s needs.

If you feel like the photos are ready for the flip, I’d do so. The autos are on their own schedule and most likely will be finished before the photos anyway!

Everything looks great! Welcome to the forum @Nyslide62 !


I’ll keep an eye out for things other than pistils correct?

What’s an average height for a mature WW if not trained?

@Nyslide62 you should be fine growing the autos at 12/12 with the photo. They won’t grow as much as they would under 18/6 or 20/4 but they will still yield.

I’d wait to flip until your SF OG is about half the height you want it and then go 12/12.

I’d just keep in mind that since autos grow really fast that they will need extra sugar supplementation due to the 12 hours of dark time and respiration so they can focus their energy on growth instead of producing sugars during photosynthesis. The more they respire the more starch stores they use and need to rebuild which takes away from flowering and growth and supplementing with organic black strap or hi-brix molasses will help with that a lot.

Happy growing. :v::call_me_hand::metal:


Has anyone ever really looked at the “VEG/FLOWER” time from a scientific standpoint? Take auto out of the picture for a moment. Plants veg under 16 or more hrs of light. Plants flower when reduced to 12/12. What happens if we try to play with that magic window of time where the plant either is vegging or flowering? Can we veg, flower, veg, flower, etc by manipulating the light clock. I have gone from flower back to to veg but always did a full cycle. Can you flower and veg almost simultaneously by playing with the light times? Will it increase quantity or stress out the plant. Just a thought…I would appreciate any thoughts on this matter

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@Mrb53004 it will stress the plants but you can manipulate photos like that. It will cause lots of crazy twisted growth and lower yields. It will even cause hermaphrodites from light stress much like light leaks during flower. It’s best just to let it veg and then bring it to flower.

Autos to keep them in veg longer you can pinch the flowers off when they start and transplant in a larger pot. The shock will keep it in veg and slightly stunt it for about a week but you’ll get about an extra two weeks in veg before it autoflowers again.

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Here they are 8 weeks later and the White Widows are close to harvest.

The SFV OG photo will be solo for a few more week.


Merry Christmas to all god bless

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