Write For Homegrown!

I live in Oklahoma which as you know went legal on medicinal marijuana less than two years ago. We managed to get up and fully operational in less than 5 months, which is 1/3 of the time other states have uaed. We have some of the easiest programs in the country. The state estimated how much money they would make each quarter and we have already tripled the amount they estimated for the whole year. In the first quarter and only half of the second, we had 3 times the amount they estimated for a year. And now all we hear from the state capital is, we can’t afford any new programs. I would love to do a story on this. We fought for years to get legalized and now that we have performed beyond any expectations we need to show everyone that marijuana can help everyone not only patients. I have so many positive stories I can share as well. I have a Caregiver License that lets me help patients with all their needs and I have 15 people I help with everything they want or need.and I grow 12 plants for each of them all on my property. I do this for free. I don’t receive anything at all for my time and services. They pay only for the things they need and everyone chips on for grow supplies. Oh and I don’t use marijuana at all. I never have in all my 53 years, but I have been considered the best grower that has ever lived. I have a natural sense of what to do to get the best yield and I have learned from a true master in New Zealand that has passed his knowledge and passion down to regular ole Tracy. Ok let me know what you think. 580-277-1785


I’d be very interested. I have a few ideas such as something tailored to parenthood and indoor growing, how to manage time between plants and your career, etc. I look forward to hearing from you. I can produce papers if requested


Gorgeous grow as always @dmtscravey :upside_down_face:

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