Would love some help! New grower

Hope everyone is having some great big buds growing!!! With that being said i would like some help from you guys in understanding the nutrients ratio.i paid for and receive the $50 standard grow pack comes with stage 1 seeding booster stage 2 growtime fertilizer stage 3 plant booster and stage 3 flowertime fertilizer its for 1 year for 6 plants. My ? Is they show a chart with the ratio mix for each week for 6 plants. The problem is i only have 3 plants and the website show a chart for 6 plants each week not 3. So what would be my ratios for each of my 3 plants??? PLEASE HELP

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@Growerfosure the ratio is the same. You feed every plant the same. If you only have 3 plants just cut the numbers in half and give each plant 1/3 of the solution on feeding days.


Thank you. I kindve figured that but wanted to make sure

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I’m using the same stuff, 2 plants. I’m in week five of flower. Mix as much as your going to use at the ratio written. I have only been mixing three liters at a time.

I’m not the the question? If you’re growing half the amount of plants than use half the suggested amount of nutrients.