Worm got me this year outdoors

Dang worms still got me almost chewed hole stalk into I sprayed even used diatoms earth on ground happened over night

Havent never had this problem in 20 years growing outdoors I’m sick lost white widow blue dream and ak48

Man that sucks. I moved outside for the 1st time, not sure if I’ll do it again.

Have any pictures of the damage? I have some I can’t account for.
I added red wigglers to my garden. It is recommended for veggie gardens. I hope I haven’t endangered my crop.

If you see one, spray them all!
Monterey BTO every 3 days until controlled.
Small ones will be hanging from their thread the next day…
But once they ingest they stop feeding. Safe until harvest.
It’s that time of year, Good Luck! M

PS: Spray around base to discourage climbers

Overnight sounds like Japanese beetles, do you have them where you area?

May be I have green june beetles I call them all over peach tree

They are called cut worm they hatch around the stalk of plants and do eat through stalks of all plants I’ve had alot of problems with tomato and pepper and cannibas plants

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you should be safe with red wigglers, i think what happened here was cut worms or type of caterpillar.

yeah - worms is such a generic term. I think of fishing worms. Other think of intestinal worms. Larva worms.
I went digging for mine and they are in my soil, doing what they do. Mainly breaking down the peat moss. I think they are good friends to have.
Now, if I could only herd in some Lady Bugs and Praying Mantis.

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for anyone that is reading, I think the Neem oil did the trick.

yeah i know, i been putting any worms/nightcrawlers i find around my plants right in the pots, some bugs eat holes through the leaves, but when they start eating the stalk , thats a death sentence i think. i have been seeing some ladybugs & daddy long legs around my plants :+1:

Eat stalks into just over night be better prepared next year I betcha that

Look like little maggots probably 50 of them at least on each plant right under the soil

how big are the maggots? are they visible without magnefication?

Yes under quarter inch long I used diatemios earth but was to late I saw lots of green june bugs on tree earlier in year green flying beetles

Wife came in with a little worm. Looked it up.

It’s an Army worm. At least I know the enemy.