Wondering if to flush or use more bloom. There are milky tricomes but not fully swollen. Second grow

Week 9 is in 4 days
The thicker ones are more milky. Still see milky ones in others

Cbd zenergy
Cbd zenergy i think sometimes i think its super lemon haze
Super lemon Haze
Mamba Negra Cbd

I would hold off any fertilizer and just give them some more time


In the last picture what’s up what the color change in the buds on the top they look gray, sure you aren’t getting some rot, hard to see clearly

I did the final feed witch is very low compared to others. Vegamatrix. 10 week schedule. Thoes pots eat the warer up fast so hopefully works out. Didnt see the comments. Figured there the last besides one to get that feed before flower.
Ph of run off is a bit high at 7.
That is a dark green. Mamba Negra. She is behind. I think she likes bigger pots. Have one outside and is happy.
The pot Mamba Negra is in were to small for what i needed at the time.

What about the first two. The one is very much sativa and i wonder if i should of fed them full nutes honestly. Ive herd if them taking quite a while to harvest. Im definitely going for some amber always. Maybe a little more for sativas if i can be that patient.

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