Wish I could buy

I have several pretty girls looking for love. They want a good male a feminized male would even better.

Every one out there want to sell me seeds. why not add a product line and sell pollen? I’ll furnish the girls.


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because pollen is a perishable product. It is a difficult process to harvest it and protect it from moisture (pollen killer) and life expectancy (less than a week unless you refrigerate in a silica or similar type desiccant. I store my pollen in a jar with silica gel bags. Sometimes I will mix it with azomite, so it is organic but the azomite will absorb moisture and bleed it to the pollen so you only get about 2 or 3 weeks. The silica gel packs can make it last around 6 months


@cmelvin10 i never keep pollen over two weeks, it’s to risky after that to throw dud runts if anything at all worth keeping. so, keeping breeding pairs is not for using chancy pollen. sometimes i can collect pollen twice a year. sometimes twice in 13-14 months. so closely enough i have 4 weeks a year of fresh up to two week old pollen


I just keep a male vegetative until I need him. Then I flower him and let the pollen fly. The timing of this is after my main crops are in. Selecting a good male is harder than a good female. Fewer will be winners. I usually find 1-2 keeper males for every 10 that are shit. It is a lot of work to wait and see after the seeds sprout if they are shit or not. It is also a lot of fun. You sometimes waste a whole year testing the offspring, sadly finding out all you made was hemp flavored bird seed. If it’s not better than what I started w I usually just give it to the birds.

Many famous breeders “made it” by finding that 1 stud male that comes along once in a lifetime and holding him close to their hearts and grows. A male that crosses fire to everything they pollinate. Breeding out what is called “lines”. Those are just the same dad meeting all the ladies at the female plant house.


@Noddykitty exactly, i rarely use that term these days. Line breeding. Here’s a seedling that is 7/8ths Mochalope 1/8th GG#4 …the male used throws 30% THC genes to near anything. at a 16th they go back land race looking. we breed one of those then throw it back to the Mochalope :relaxed: Bingo!

it’s a lot of fun trying to take it all the way like nature does

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