Wind burn?!? Help!

Just put my plants into a new tent, had a fan in there with them for about an hour and this happened. Leaves gone limp looking and feel try. Have spritzed with some water but haven’t come right and its been about 15hrs. Thoughts? Have I killed them?.

@oldsnaps that looks like more than just wind burn. What are your temps and rh? Light and schedule? Feedings?

Running a 100w UFO light, temp about 26c, soil was saturated so haven’t watered in about a week. All I changed was to put a fan on 🤷🏼

@oldsnaps what is your humidity and substrate ph?

PH is about 6, haven’t been able to measure RH yet as waiting for my meter to turn up. I am guessing it is too dry in there, and needs inline extractor fan / filter (all due to turn up this weekend). They seem to be doing a bit better today but I was so gutted when i saw them all wilted like that