Why are the leaves twisting on my plant?

Can anyone help me regarding the leaves on my plant and why they might be twisting all of a sudden?

Hi, I know someone can help, but pictures are really helpful

Hey there, I appreciate your response @Adcrag. I sending some pictures along this time and maybe @Mrb53004 could help out too. I flipped them about a week ago or so. I have a Spider Farmer 2000 for a 2x4. I just increased the lighting today from 20 to 40, not sure if that is correct. My poor plants have been through hell but they are still alive so far. Thought they might be twisting was due to the light??? Thanks for any help.

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Thats a mutation in it .it will be fine

there might be a possibility of a ph imbalance. Sometimes ph imbalance will cause copper issues which results in twisted leaves…If you are adding molasses to your feeds, it may be lowering the ph of your soil…Perform a FLUSH…it wont hurt and if there is a ph issue, that should correct it.
I also see some canoeing of some of the leaves…is the environment HOT? too much fan directly on them, lights too close? Lights from 20-40…are we talking strength? They are well past a 40% light strength. They should be up near 60-70 by now. Preparing for full power when they go to flower
What is the height? RH and temps of the tent (day/night)

So my RH is 75 today and a RT of 72. I raised the lights and turned the power level up to 40. I also moved the fans up since they are growing, I found one fan was hitting them. They are not tall, maybe 2 ft now. What do you mean by flush @Mrb53004? I haven’t feed them anything yet. I’m using this organic soil which only needs water but I will need to top dress at some point, not sure if I’m waiting for the flowers?

rh 75? temp 72?..a little high on humidity…should be down around 60
fans- they will BURN leaves…do not point fan at plant, away from plant to circulate the air…
organic - no flush, you are right
no top dressing…lets see what they look like at flower time

Has the twisted leafs been like that since seedling