Who’s got a guess?

Anyone wanna take a guess with these two Pineapple Runtz?

Look closely

It looks like the plants are void of trichomes, this happened to me once with a Mimosa Cake seed, I figured it was bad genetics, tossed 10 weeks of growing away, and fortunately it hasn’t happened since.

I don’t know dude. I don’t think that’s it though. It’s some sort of mutation. 2,3, and 5 point leaves? And the “sugar leaves” are enormous and banana shaped. Definitely smells amazing. They are 48 days old so I guess I’ll see what happens Uploading: IMG_0041.jpeg… Uploading: IMG_0042.jpeg…

They look like my buddies plant after he put them in flower for a little over a week and then he put them back in veg and that’s what they looked like to me