Who else uses ACT

Wondering who else makes their own ACT (airiated compost tea) and what recipes are you using?

My current recipe is
1/4 cup each; bat guano, worm castings, pinto bean compost

1/8cup of craft blend from build a soil

1/4 teaspoon of dry molasses

Piece of aloe vera plant

Place all above in brew bag and into 5 gallon bucket with water. Turn on air pump and let brew 24hrs for bacterial dominated tea, 48 hours for fungal dominated.

I made my own air brewer from pvc pipe and connectors. This is after 24 hours, notice the foam building.


@Rye bit different recipe but I sure do…actually 2 different recipes…, depending on the cycle and also many other ingredients change based on specific strains…, yet stays the same for said strain once determined if that makes sense. …:sunglasses:

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I do, I guess. Never really thought about it to be honest, outside of:

If my plants seem yuck, I add echinacea to the water on defoliating day. I feel like it works just the same as humans. Nettles mostly all the time. I add a glug of horsetail tea and a half a glug of barrel compost tea.

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I’m lazy, I apply Boogie Brew weekly. But I love your molasses additive!
I will augment my tea next week.

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The dry molasses is game changer. Small bag, easy to dissolve, easy to measure, no messy drips.

I really prefer dry amendments that are easily soluble.


Brilliant! Available at health food/growers supply or both? Grocery was a no go.

Found it! Spice Jungle $14.97/lb.
Also a good BBQ rub,

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