Whispy colas on auto flower

This is a 5 week old lemon auto flower with thin airy flowers. What’s up with that and what should I do?Preformatted text

You can try using cold water to tighten them up

Thanks. Like how cold?

Just like refrigerator cold. When I’m flushing in the last two weeks, I’ll just keep ph’ed water in the fridge and only feed them that till harvest. Seems to tighten them up a little.
Happy growin :fire::fire::+1:

She looks like she needs time, light and nutrients . . . going by the picture I’d say she has another 4-6 weeks before harvest and should fatten considerably as she matures. I’m not familiar with the strain and don’t fool with autos so I could be off by a week or so either way.

Also keep in mind that most sativa or sativa dominate plants will generally have longer, less dense buds than you’ll see with indicas even though it takes them longer to mature.

Don’t rush a good thing , she looks happy and healthy.

I’ve got some autos going as well and I’m approaching week 15 since I placed them I. Soil. They started doing the same thing and i started adding big bloom with the bloom nutrients I’m using and they’re bulking up big time. Im a newbie also and have completely fallen even more in love with cannabis