When to top & prune

Hi all
Completely new to growing. My plants are doing very well after recovering from wind burn. I have switched to 12/12 lighting early as I only have 1400mm total tent height.
When is the best time to top the plant? And do I wait until I have flower locations before I do any pruning? Cheers for all the help to date

@oldsnaps topping should be done before switching to flower so it has time to recover in veg so it doesn’t stunt flower.

Pruning should be done before flipping to flower as well. Once you flip to flower you shouldn’t really prune any branches and you don’t want to do any major defoliating passed the 2nd or 3rd week of flower.

How long ago did you switch over to 12/12?

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Ah right. They were about 11 inches in your money when I changed the lighting.
I read that they can even triple in size, and 11 inches is still on okay height to flip given my total space so that’s the logic there.
It’s been about 5 days since I flipped. Will topping them stunt their growth? I guess that is why I didn’t do it sooner. Too scared to hurt my babies haha

@oldsnaps yes topping them now would stunt their growth in flower and lower your yield. All I would personally do now is some light lst and maybe what’s called a staggered harvest later. A staggered harvest is just where you harvest the mature top buds first and then adjust lighting to let the lowers finish out and mature.

Cool thanks for that :call_me_hand:t3: