When to harvest?

i have a deelite auto that looks to me thats ready to harvest this is my first,grow please advise i dont want to wait too late and trash my hard work…

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A closer pic would help a bit. It does not look ready from the look of current picture. A couple weeks to go at least. If you could, get a closer pic and in the light of those triches, that will help greatly. Thanks, my friend.

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@Jram_13 i also forgot to mention thats its only 4 weeks since i saw flowers forming

Oh yes, you are half way through flower for her. Crank up the nutes and plenty of light. Not too hot or your buds get loose and airy. Run some CO2 and watch them swell!


CO2 activates at 80 F and is heavier than air so set above plants.

you are NOT READY, the plant is NOT READY
All those WHITE pistils represent new growth / thickening of the buds. On average, most of the pistils will be orange / brown before the trichomes begin to show their age. We harvest usually when the trikes are cloudy and by then, you really do not see new pistil growth or white pistils…most have dried out and changed color. It is the first indicator and then we start looking deeper to see where the trikes are at to maximize potency


I agree with @Mrb53004 its not even close to being ready

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@Khatru @Jram_13 @Mrb53004 @Daddy1971 im using GH nutes what do you suggest i add to boost the yield/quality?

if you are using “bloom”, that is all you should need from a nutrient standpoint
environment - temps, rh, light schedules and co2 become the other factors that affect yield / quality

@Mrb53004 should i just be using “bloom”?and not the other 3 GH bottles?i dont have the liquid kool bloom instead i have been using vegamatrix “big and sticky” 0-14-12 but i do have the kool bloom ripen powder…

do you have a Micro? If so, use with bloom or else, just bloom…any flowering nutes that are high in the P&K and none to little N
early and mid flower can handle N
Late flower (like last 3 weeks) we should be only P&K, zero on the N like big & Sticky

@Mrb53004 yes i do have micro?im using the flora series week 6 feed schedule its telling me to feed 2.8 mil per gallon of N.also when should i start the HGC732532-01

I need a pic of where your are at in flower or can you tell me
strain, age…
temps, Rh and light schedule

what is your substrate / medium you are growing in

and ALWAYS use LESS than they recommend…like almost HALF


this run I’m using pro mix six weeks of flower, during the day I’m @ 70-80f 50%rh I’m still on a 18/6 light schedule I just added tnb c02 also I just added a/c so it’s 70-75f @night I’m on the east coast and it’s been very hot and humid here. It’s a dee lite autoflower this is my practice run lol


I am not sure you could ask for or do better than this. Looks spot on and all your numbers are in perfect order.
The addition of CO2 allows you to have elevated temps…great for growth
as you move forward (a week or 2), consider declining temps until you reach a 65-70°f daytime and 55-60°f nighttime temps. Drop Rh to around 35-50%
For the last 2 weeks, you want to water your plants with ice cubes to lower soil temps…just a few on the soil, at night. Also start light starving until you get down to 8 hrs…winter is 8 hrs light, around 50°f and rh under 50%…terpenes will develop big time…
THis is an OPINION…everyone does it differently.

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@Mrb53004 thanks for the advice ill keep you posted…