When to harvest my Purple Kush Autoflower plants

I have two short Purple Kush Autoflower plants growing indoors
I got the seeds from Home grown
This is the seeds link

Both plants have big buds and I am looking at the top buds with a loop everyday
The hairs have all turned brown on the buds

The Trichomes look like they are still partially clear and they have been that way for quite a while
I had the same confusion last year when they never seemed to go from clear, to opaque to amber colored as I have read on the web.

I am not sure how long I should wait to harvest?

Here’s a shot of one of the tops

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Here’s a side view of one of the plants
The buds seem to be doing nicely

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Nice looking buds @PerryComo ! Without a real good closeup of the trichs, can’t really tell, altho you do have white hairs growing out still. I was at about this point early December, it was a Christmas day chop.

Possible a couple of weeks, especially if the trichs are still clear, going cloudy. And it depends if you like couch-lock weed or more energetic weed for how long to let those trichs ripen!

But damn, good job!


So couch lock or energetic?
Which one is a shorter harvest and longer wait to harvest?

I kinda prefer an evening, after work, relaxing type of experience
Kick back in a recliner and watch my favorite YouTube channels :slight_smile:
Being 67 years old, the cannabis has really helped my sleeping and so I lean more in that direction

Nice crop. You have a ways to go. Can’t really see the trikes in your pictures though.
Are you using good magnification like a jeweler’s loupe?
I always get anxious at this phase of the grow. I’m like a little kid looking at my presents under the tree but it’s still a week before Christmas.

Without handling the buds too much, look around for the Amber trikes. They’ll appear. The buds will get real sticky near the end. It is their last gasp effort to get pollenated.

I pulled one crop in early and it wasn’t good. Like unripe fruit. It was harsh and weak. Patience pays off.

I’ve actually taken photos with my phone through the loupe. Not easy. I had a little tripod and taped my loupe to it and then I used some clamps to mount my phone. I kept sliding the plant until I had perfect focus.

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I have one of those cheapo USB microscope cameras but I could not find it a few days ago

I finally found it and took a few pics
It’s really hard to focus because the depth of field is so shallow because of the high magnification

Here are two pics

Wed Feb 16 13-11-10

My best guess is a week or 2. Not long now. Keep checking them everyday. Looking good. It is hard to focus on the trics with a shallow depth of field. I take numerous images while move the scope slowly in and out then view them on my laptop.

I have to rotate a barrel on the USB camera to focus it
The focus changes by just the slightest touch of that barrel
Plus the image jumps all around if you even breath on the camera, so you have to wait for the motion to stop

I have to turn off the fans that blow on the plant to take an image on my laptop
It’s a challenge

Your plant looks really nice.
With your loupe you should get a good inspection.
I go for 10% amber. Some prefer more, some less.

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Id start flushing but thats just me. Figure 4 days flush and a day in the dark. She’ll be looking right

Thanks for the info
I am just starting to see a few just barely amber trikes here and there on both plants

I am going to want the full couch lock thing rather than the energetic thing

I’ll hold off a few more days and keep looking to see more amber

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Just my thinking…I’d pull one with just a few ambers and let the other one get mostly amber…For me it’s 2 different highs…
Nice grow bro

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That’s a good idea
I will probably do that

A wake’n’bake and a bake’n’flake!

Funny & so true :v::v::v:

I would take the main tops, maybe at least a couple. Then wait a week or two to reassess the amber percentage for that sedation effect that you want.
I like to harvest in stages myself. I like the idea that you can get different effects from the same plant.

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I was thinking about doing just that.
The bottom of one plant has a bunch of not fully formed buds
It would open up the light on that bottom half

I am in no hurry to harvest the whole plant, so taking the top half off works for me
Thanks for the feedback!

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