When to go to 12/12 light

When do I go from 24 hours of light down to 12/12light cycle


@michneal2014 Are you growing autos or photo period plants? And also how tall is your grow space?When you turn the lights the plants will stretch 1-2 times the height that they are when you turn it to 1212 so if your plants are a foot tall now when you go to 1212 they will stretch to 3 to 3 1/2 foot maybe so if your in a short space you turn it sooner.


I personally think 24 hours of light on a plant is a little heavy they need to rest to burn the starches. someone on here can tell you more about it but I would drop to 18-6 and not 24 on.


What strain and genetics you grow help determine the light schedule. I run 24/7 on my seedlings and autos. On Photo’s I run 18/6.
Auto - they are going to flower no matter what you do with the lights so IMHO, as much light as possible becasue you only have average 10 weeks start to finish
Photo’s - the longer you keep them in 18/6, the more they will grow. Like DMT says, when you cut those lights down to 12/12, your plants will take off. Know the genetics (sativa / indica / hybrid) so you know HOW MUCH ROOM they need before they reach you lights and then there is no where to go…
So tell us - what strains and genetics are you talking about and what size is your grow environment. Then we can better say WHEN


@michneal2014 @dmtscravey is spot on. It all depends on the size of your grow space and the strain. If you have a 6’ grow space with indicas you can easily let them get about 2 feet tall before going 12/12 as most only stretch about 100% in flower (double in height).

If you’re growing sativas I’d flip at about 1 to 1.5 feet tall as most of those can stretch up to 200% (triple in height).

There are other factors on when to flip too. Such as training techniques you intend to use etc…

Happy growing. :v::call_me_hand::metal: