When to flip Strawberry Cough

I am growing fem. strawberry cough… the lights are 18/6. How do I know when to flip them to 12/12?

Thank you (again!)


She is a Sativa heavy girl so base it on
height of your tent and how big you want the plant to be. Photo can grow and grow and grow and grow…Get it? Trim her nice, expect 2 feet above veg Minimum for flowering. If you are just beginning, you can trim her up to 6 to 8 colas. Top her young, lst her out and top her again. 1 top becomes 2, the 2 branches become 4 tops total. Allow 2 nodes each branch and you have about 8 tops…try to let her grow like @dmtscravey with a canopy. When you finish vegging, she will easily give you 2 feet more in flowering
When I grow Photo, I tray to get 8 colas. The size of your container will help determine how big you should let her grow too. Don’t try to get 10lbs of stuff out of a 5 lb bag. You flip when you are satisfied with your veg size


Thank you! I didn’t think 12 weeks would be long enough before I flipped them, but I’m finding that seems to be pretty normal time. I hadn’t realized that during flowering it could grow 2 feet more…that’s exciting!

3 Strawberry cough, 15 weeks old, 12 days of flowering


Gorgeous little windmills. :star_struck:

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I am loving the color of the leaves on this Strawberry Cough!! 2-3 weeks until harvest :slight_smile:

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Never mind my last question…I see they are Strawberry cough…any more seeds? I am getting ready to send out another package to you…few days

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Mike, I think you are the Santa Clause of this forum. I would love anything you send, thank you so much!!