When to fertilize

Being new to this I put my seedlings in Miracle Grow potting soil. With that in mind, when should I start fertilizing? Seedlings are about four days old.

Will you be using the same soil in your transplant? Usually “hot” soil is good for nutes the first 3-6 weeks. Let the plant tell you when to use more.


@MsgtMf I’d say give it at least a month until you feed any extra nutrients…


Well here we are 7 days in to it. I began this venture on the 14th of August. This is how they look now. I figure I’d leave them in the cups another two weeks then transplant. Not sure what soil to go with. Any comments or suggestions are highly appreciated! Thanks

Did you put them right in the miracle gro potting soil if so some strains can’t handle that hot soil if so keep eye on them